Thursday, September 06, 2007

Football Friday Week Two: The Long Ball

Greetings once again Cougar Nation and welcome to Football Friday, Week Two.

Don't know about you all, but I am ready for this slew of non-conference-Thursday-who-cares-fest games to end...I need to get some stinkin' work done.

Anywho, let's talk first about the upcoming game against the FEARSOME cupcakes from San Diego State.

As you all should know by now, San Diego State led the nation last year in formal surgeries--I think 31 of those pansies had to go under the knife during or immediately following the season(ever heard of weight training, you pansies?).

On the bright side of things for them, they return a wealth of talent on offense and have a coach (Mr. Chuck Long) who reminds Brinkhater A LOT of captain comeback(now at Stanford): the guy just wins. For you younglings who don't remember, Long put Iowa and Hayden Frye on the map in the 80's and he also masterminded much of the Oklahoma offense during their return to national prominence (if not dominance) during the late 90's/first part of this decade.

Simply put, SDSU is going to be a playuh in the coming months and Long is the EXACT type of guy who could emerge as a prominent candidate for WSU should the season head south over the coming weeks.

In addition, Long has seen WSU and its "schemes" before in the 2003 massacre known as the Price Rose-Toilet Bowl. So, they will be prepared for us on both sides of the ball.

In the end, though, it just won't be enough. By the time the clock strikes quadruple zeros in Seahawks stadium, our defense will have shown its true shape of swiss cheez, but our offense will be WAY too much for a SDSU defense that will simply be overmatched.

Look for Alex Brink to add about 170 more yards to his total from last week without sacrificing efficiency or TOs: the Cougs will rack up 500 yards of total offense in this game--guaranteed.

Thankfully, the fact that our defense will give up 450 will be an afterthought:

Cougs roll 45-28

Other Notable Crap-10 Games:

Boise State 31 Washington 21: An early present to all the Husky haters like Brinkhater out there; Jake will be knocked down to earth this week by a good team that is VERY tired of being refered to as a "one hit wonder." Bad news: Barring injury, Huskies shock OSU next week.

Michigan 35 Oregon 34: You think that last week's loss will make Michigan steamroll Belotti's babies? Think again, speed kills the Big 10 and the Quack will score in this the end, Michigan pulls out close one which will send the quackers limping for the rest of the year (remember, keep Dixon in the pocket and the Ducks plain SUCK).

ASU 45 Colorado 17: Memo to Buffs fans: You're gonna suck for a while til Hawkins has time to recruit....God to I hate Dennis Erickson!

Oregon State 31 Cincinatti 24. This is gonna be a real squeeker. In the end, Bernard and the return of Stroughter are enough fo the Beavs to avoid an early season set back.

Mariners 0 Rest of AL 29. Biggest collapse since the Orioles lost 24 something straight to open the 88 season. Will SOMEbody on that team buck up and hit some roids, please?

Enjoy the games this weekend...


Sedihawk said...

I guess Terry Mixon won't be saving our secondary this year. So much for 5-star this and 5-star that. He's got to go down as one of the most disappointing recruits in the history of ever. I guess when you show up for camp fat and injured, well, "you can't make the club in the tub!"

I'm going Cougs, 41-30. Same basic reasons as Brinkhater, the offense will be fun to watch and the defense will be where you just kind of look away and listen to the crowd's reaction. SD State is going to hang yards and points on us, there's no doubt. O'Connell is a big boy, 6-6, and he can run a little bit. But in the end, their D won't be good enough for 4 quarters to stop us. I think the running game will be the difference late, as both Tardy and Ivory will carry us home.

Nice to see the anticipated crowd of 50K. There were a little over 40K last year and that game lacked energy until the end. It probably had to do with being down early and looking bad in the process, but while I used to love the premise of the Seattle game, I'm now officially "luke warm" on the whole thing. As long as we schedule BCS teams at least, it's a good idea, but hopefully Sterk now knows you can't run with Grambling or even Baylor and generate much excitement unless the team is looking like it will be pretty good!

Other games:
Beavs 30, Cinci 24. 97 degrees in the Queen city today, it might cool off to the high-80's by kickoff with horrible humidity. The Beavs might be in hang-on mode late as the defense runs out of gas chasing 5-WR sets all night. Sammie's return is the jolt of energy they need, and Canfield does his best Brock Huard impression (you know, before all the injuries ruined his career).

UW 24, BSCJ 23 - Hate to say it, but UW is actually a better team, top-to-bottom. Their d-line will be the difference as Ian Johnson and the ground game will be shut down, forcing their inexperienced QB to beat them through the air. BSJC lost a ton of talent off last year's cinderella. Meanwhile Jake will struggle early and then settle down, and they'll follow the recipe of a strong ground game and efficient passing to win a huge home game that is approaching a sellout.

Michigan 44, Ducks 30 - Hail to the victors! Oregon couldn't ask for a worse time to play at Michigan. Just like UW losing to Stanford last year, we couldn't have asked for a worse situation than to play UW coming off an embarrassment like that. As Doba says, once the game starts the players won't be walking around crying about how they lost the previous week!

ASU 38, Colorado 16 - Devils throw it all over the yard, while the Buffs aren't there yet, period.

longball said...

We have always said that we land the kids BIG schools don't want to take a chance on... well since we have never had any of our 4 or 5 star recruits even see the field (Estes, Bankhead, Dwayne Wright, Hall, Deitrichs and now Mixon. need i go on?) maybe it is time to admit that if they are coming to play for us, they are fatally flawed. period. everytime. without exception.

New simple rule even Doba should be able to understand - if he has 4 or 5 stars and he commits to you - YOU DON'T WANT HIM. we've done just fine with the 1 and 2 star kids who want to be here, instead of these 4 star program saviors who only come here becuase all other suitors passed.

Sedihawk said...

Fair enough. You are absolutely right, the highly touted "stars" that have come to Pullman have baggage or other undocumented issues. You can't argue against those names you listed.

Listening to Doba at the football dinner in February, you'd think that we're done chasing those kinds of kids. He told a crazy story of one DB who is currently in the Pac-10 who committed to WSU twice, and then committed elsewhere. Well, he then tried to commit AGAIN ON SIGNING DAY last year, and Doba said no to him! Amazing.

I have to admit I was always thinking Mixon might be too good to be true. He committed to two different Pac-10 schools before he committed to the Cougs, so take that for what it's worth. I'm sure there are a lot of little reasons, but he got off to such a bad start that he probably thought why stick around with so little eligibility left? Whatever. Anyway, your rule is a good one, and I bet we'll see nothing but 2-and-3 star kids from now on. Of course we're working on a big fat goose-egg for commits right now, which is pretty amazing in itself!

longball said...

I was at that dinner too! I liked the story of the kid who was texting on his cell while Doba was in his living room and so they got up and left. i am all for that. I think we should just stay focused on the kids that have made our program successful, the Gleasonesque under the radar kids who are thrilled to be Cougs and give it everything from day one. I am just tired of getting excited every year about the superstar recruits who never contribute. I'll take a 2 star Eric Coleman over a 5 star Mixon any day. Doing more with less is the Cougar way and we should never lose site that our success was not built on 4 and 5 star guys. Our guys have always earned their stars on the field.

longball said...

I gotta say, i am watching the Beavers get beat down at Cincinati right now and i feel much better about our performance at Wisconsin. The Beavs are embarassing the Pac-10.

Sedihawk said...

The Beavs are tough to watch tonight. I sure whiffed on this one. Man are they slopping around on offense. 6 turnovers and they never got the running game off the ground. I guess if you attack the line of scrimmage and take away Bernard, they are not good enough through the air. Missing Perry is big though, he's had some press claim he's one of the best O-lineman in school history. But it's more than just him not out there. It's been the theme since spring ball, that the QB's just weren't seizing the day and that's clearly rolled into the season. We'll see how they bounce back, but no doubt, a major egg laid on national TV.

On the dinner - I liked the story about the texting too, that was great. I also liked the story where the recruit's mom took the phone from her son and told the coach on the other line (rumored to be Bellotti, but who knows) "We keep our word in this house. You don't get engaged to someone only to marry someone else!" and she hung up! That was great. See, stuff like that with Doba and he just has a soft spot in your heart, he's such a class act. When I think of that I feel bad for saying he must go if they don't win this year, but it is what it is I guess. Nobody can ever argue that he's not a great guy who's dealt with a lot, from how he got the job to the early success, to the recruiting misses and of course, his wife passing on.

Brinkhater said...

I missed the prediction but knew this would be a toughy...why it is that they can't get up for non-conference away games is beyond me...they get BLOWN every single year!

Lets just hope we can make some good progress...I will be sick as hell if we lose this Saturday..

Just get to 2-1, please!