Saturday, September 08, 2007

Back to .500 Open Thread

Feels good to be back at .500, doesn't it Cougar Nation????

Since Brinkhater was blacked out from Brink's near record performance, this is YOUR chance to let us know what you saw and heard at today's game...

Personally, I'm just glad that we only gave up 17 points!

Give us your takes...


Anonymous said...

Hmm, might Brinkhater be drifting back towards a new moniker? Seriously though, Brink was fantastic today. 80% completions, over 10 yards per attempt, 38-for-47? We knew he would have a big day, but this was BANANAS! :)

The D was the story if you ask me, just 17 points and a lot of pressure. They really did have O'Connell on the run. Heard Doba on the post-game say that the secondary was playing a lot better, and that Abdullah was lost before the half so Xavier Hicks played a lot back there. Graise and Mullennix came off limping as well, but it sounds pretty minor for both guys. 37 first downs!?!? What a whoppin'.

Brinkhater said...

Just as I started to feel gggggooood about yesterday's win I see the 20-13 hurt job that Wisconsin put on UNLV...

Bottom line: Just win next week and stay healthy....

Then, lose the following week, learn, but stay healthy..

Its all about Week 5...

Sedihawk said...

Good morning Brinkhater.

I wouldn't worry about WISC last night. First road game of the year, a low-level opponent that doesn't have them very excited, hey, it happens. Let the first month play out before we are sure of who's good and who isn't.

How about the fall of Michigan? It's simply amazing. A top 5 team falling so badly, I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. If you looked at their team in the preseason, you'd see potential all-americans on their o-line (Long), QB (Henne), RB (Hart) AND at WR (Manningham). They were 11-2 last year and the odds-on favorite to win the Big 10, and to fall apart like this is unbelievable. It would be akin to USC losing to Idaho and then getting blown out by, oh, Wisconsin - at HOME no less. Just goes to show you even more why they need to wait a full month before they release a single poll. I know it doesn't make for the "sexy" matchup when ESPN can pump up the early season games if they don't have a ranking next to them, but they really should see who's who before they vote. Oh well.

The bottom line for us? We ARE going to score points this year on bad to average defenses. The Aztec secondary was horrible yesterday, and their pass rush was non-existent. Brink was fantastic, but, give any D-1 QB that much time, with those weapons, and they could hang silly numbers up there. I am excited to see us finally play at "home" next weekend in the Akey bowl!

Joey K. said...

Hey, good victory. Alex Brink played well and showed why he is the most inconsistent quarterback ever!

Anonymous said...

Classic Brink performance, if you weren't there you'd look at the stats and think he was unreal. And in reality he was f-ing horrible. All the credit to his numbers has to be given to the receivers, who caught balls thrown all over the place. How many diving catches did those guys make yesterday?

Let me throw this question out there. Who replaces Doba at the end of the season?

Sedihawk said...

F-ing horrible? Who replaces Doba? After a 45-17 victory, that's all you can say? How sad. Too bad you can't enjoy what could be one of the few highpoints of the season.

I guess it's official - Alex Brink will never, never, ever win over WSU fans. 38-for-47 for a ton of yards and TD's, and people bitch about his arm strength and that it was the receivers ONLY that bailed him out.

Why is it people only choose to harp on what he isn't, vs. focusing on what he actually is? Did anyone see Tharp of Boise State making mistake after mistake against UW? How about Oregon State's QB situation right now (it's a mess). Wouldn't they love to have Brink? I'm choosing to be positive. I don't care how wobbly the deep ball was, or how great the catches were, the facts are that they hung a ton of yards and points on a D-1 team. This season is going to be a long, tough road. Might as well enjoy what might be one of the few highlights of the year.

Anonymous said...

Idaho is a D-1 team.

Who replaces Doba? Anybody with a pulse that doesn't hang his kids out to dry would do just fine.

Tharp is a 5th year senior, 1st year starter.

I'll take Oregon State's QB right now. This year is a throw away year, better to start thinking ahead now. If we would have done that last year, we might have a chance this year.

Logan said...

f-ing horrible? as sedihawk said, how sad. his touchdown passes to anderson and gibson were perfectly in stride, and his passes to dillon on the sideline were perfectly placed over the first defender. i'm not sure which game you were watching, but brink put the ball on the money. granted they did make some great catches falling to the ground, but they were balls they could and should have caught. bottom line, our receiving corps is going to make brink even better this year. brink will find the right guy to throw to, and they will catch it.

by the way, the touchdown to gibson at the end of the day was great, brink stood tall, delivered it on the money, and took a big hit. i watched him lying there on his back after the throw...putting his arms in the air when the ground let him know it was a touchdown. classic.

Anonymous said...

you guys are right. let's completely ignore reality and bend over backward to congratulate a kid who will have most of the records for WSU qb's and yet to have a winning season or taken the team to a bowl game.

3-9? 4-8? awesome!!!

Ben Million said...

Sup Cougar blog guys!

I was out of commission in Chicago this weekend, so I didn't see the game. Alex's stats sure do look pretty awesome, but I can't comment based on that.

But I will say to Anonymous: read back in this (or my) blog and you won't see many people who will "bend over backward" for Alex Brink. But when he throws for crazy yards and 5 TDs and we win, does it hurt to give him a few props?

And while I too feel that Doba must go at the end of the season (barring 9 wins or something ridiculous like that), I don't see how it's particularly useful to speculate on his replacement at this point.

It's a Cougar win in 2007! Hell yeah!

Ben Million

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

you guys are right. let's completely ignore reality and bend over backward to congratulate a kid who will have most of the records for WSU qb's and yet to have a winning season or taken the team to a bowl game.

3-9? 4-8? awesome!!! "
Well, if you want to talk about ignoring reality, you are doing the same thing.

For, you know....It's totally Brink's fault that the defense surrendered over 31 points, 289 yards passing and 154 yards rushing per game in 2005. If Swogger was playing they'd be the Palouse Posse all over again, what with all our all-americans on defense. Their defensive talents went untapped because #10 was playing QB. Trent = Mark Fields if Swogger was pulling the trigger. BOOK IT.

It's Brink's fault Doba called for the fake punts. It's Brink's fault Doba chose to take points off the board at home vs. ASU in 2005. If Brink would do his job, we never would have been in those 4th-down situations. Doba's just trying to be Mr. Crafty because his QB sucks so bad.

It's Brink's fault Derting's knee was hanging by a thread in 2005. If he had done his job, Derting never would have been on the field enough to get injured.

The fade to lose out last year? Brink's fault. If he didn't throw such ducks, if he didn't suck so bad, Hill and Bumpus and Cody "Mr. Glass" Boyd never would have been injured. You do know they were injured only because they had to contort their bodies into pretzel-like moves just to even get a finger on his hideous throws. Never mind the 400+ yards vs. UCLA, or the efficiency vs. Oregon where he won player of the week honors. That was just all luck, where he took the field blind-folded and simply threw the ball up for grabs every single possession, praying someone in a WSU uniform would magically come down with the ball. If he was any good, he would have simply willed them to wins vs. Arizona, ASU and UW, all without the best players on offense and defense.

The idiot switch to a 3-4 defense last year? Brink's fault. If he wasn't the QB, we would go on 12-play, 80-yard drives every possession and own the football for 40 minutes a game. Never mind that the best defensive players such as Bruce, Broadus, and the rest of the defensive line, Davis at LB, and even Brackenridge and Turner were all hurt and out of gas at the end of the year because of lack of depth. It's because of Brink's ineptness that they got hurt or tired in the first place.

The horrible special teams? Brink's fault. If he was any good, we'd score TD's every time we had the ball. There would be no need for a punter, and we'd be so good on offense we'd just go for 2 every time.

It's Brink's fault we can't recruit anyone highly touted, yet when we do land a 4-or-5 star recruit, it's only because of a boatload of baggage that comes with it. All-Americans would be turning down USC, UCLA, Cal, Oregon, UW, etc, and would be waiting in line like kids at 31 flavors to become Cougars. Brink is a plague to recruiting.

Leaf or Bledsoe or any other WSU greats would have led all this super-star talent to bowl games and league titles.........really? Funny how Leaf's only great year, his only winning year, was when EVERYONE WAS FRICKIN' HEALTHY, from the Fat 5 to the Fab 5 to the entire defense! Funny how Bledsoe only had one winning season as well. Funny how all that gets conveniently overlooked when ripping Brink is in session.

Finally, it's Brink's fault we're one of the smallest BCS schools in America, with the smallest stadium in the Pac-10, with the smallest season ticket holders, smallest donor levels, with the smallest football budget and smallest media market. Plus he's not likable. If he was a QB that people actually cared about, Gameday would broadcast from Pullman every week, we'd be the lead on Sportscenter, Brink would have a room wallpapered with SI covers of himself, we'd have a stadium nicer than Qwest Field, built by Paul Allen, sold out every Saturday and the waiting list would rival only Green Bay's.

Pretty stupid isn't it? You guys are priceless. If you can't be happy about that game on Saturday, you'll never be happy. This team isn't going anywhere, but it ain't the QB's fault. And it never was.

Anonymous said...

no one is saying its Brinks fault for the last 3 years.....but we could have done better....

I blame Doba.....he has let Timmy run the qb show with his "project" and yes, Brink has been a project...what do you call 5 yrs and starting 3 of them at least?...that is a project...

has it been worth it? me, no....even if we do well this year, which I think we can....we have squandered 3 yrs...we wasted Jerome Harrison, Jason Hill, what was left of Derting, Bruce....for what? we can have a 5th year senior play well and win games in ONE year?.....

a fan should demand more...a fan should not settle for once in a blue moon good team....

it kills me that cougar fans seem to be such defeatist...

Sedihawk said...

Please explain how we could have been better. Please tell me where all the NFL draft picks were hiding out on our roster, and that we should have been finishing in the upper division all along. I know we had a nice run of getting some DB's in the NFL, but we're still only talking like 2 or 3 guys every year that made it to the next level.

Look, I hate the idea of a defeatist attitude too. I'm a season ticket holder and I love our team. But where the heck are the facts that back up a claim like "we should have done better". WHY? Because of our killer recruiting classes? Our superior size and speed?? Go back at and search the 2003, 2004, 2005 recruiting classes. What will strike you is how many of them aren't even in the flippin' program anymore, or never even showed up. Ask any so-called expert, coach or athletic department official, and they'll tell you without a doubt that recruiting is the lifeblood of any program. When your classes are ranked so low to begin with, then you see such amazing attrition with a program that historically one of the thinnest around? We're exactly where we're supposed to be.

It's reality, not defeatist. We're a program in a conference with major superpowers that throw millions of dollars into their programs and play in front of several thousand more fans than us every week. You know the facts.

And don't rail about 2001-2003 either. That was a fantastic run, the best in school history, but it was before USC got amazing with Pete Caroll, before Tedford made Cal a contender, before Oregon expanded Autzen, before the Beav's stole our thunder with their stadium, blah blah blah. And oh yeah, we lost Price, and for all the clowning he was still the best coach in school history.

The landscape is completely different since then. The reality is we are EXACTLY WHERE WE SHOULD BE given all the circumstances - a middling BCS conference team that every few years we can gear up to be a contender. Those are the facts.

Now, enough of this talk. GO COUGS!

Anonymous said...

re-state..we COULD have done better or we MIGHT have done better...point is, we could have and should have maybe tried other guys at qb?..ya think?..would we have been WORSE...NO!

btw...who cares how many draft picks we have...the players that I love and who really helped our program were the ones who never got into the NFL....Derting for one...but we have had a ton of over achievers do very well for us...

okay...have a nice day....go cougs.....

Anonymous said...

jezzus 4:29 anonymous, grab a natty light and chill out.

brink still sucks.

Anonymous said...


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