Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wisconsin a Bandit Program?

Hmm, this is interesting. That's a pretty key guy in the Badger d-line mix that won't be on the field next Saturday (wow, just 1 week until the season starts??). Cooper was supposed to start at one end opposite the talented Matt Shaughnessy, so this is a blow for them. The backup, Kurt Ware, has had a troublesome knee that required surgery, so they may have some depth issues up front.

Let's hope we can sustain some long drives, and maybe get some success running the ball? Long drives will not only help wear them down a little bit, but man, our D is sure going to need some rest. A repeat of Auburn last year with all the 3-and-outs, and having to slow down P.J. Hill, that just won't cut it in the MW humidity.

Wisconsin has had some adversity this offseason. The QB controversy ended with Donovan getting the nod to start, which really isn't a shock. But Everidge did put some heat on him, and we'll see if there is dissention over who should be the guy.

In the thug department, their best corner, Jack Ikegwuonu, did some really stupid stuff this winter by trying to steal an XBox. He'll play against the Cougs, but there have been some discipline issues with Bielema that even the local media has picked up on. Bielema doesn't really punish people either. The five major disciplinary problems that have arisen in the Bielema era have combined for a combined loss of five downs of football for those involved. All those missed downs came against Bowling Green. So if they have booted Cooper, you KNOW he did something he really, really shouldn't have done.

While I've been a pessimist at best this year, and see 4 wins as the the high-water mark, I do agree with Brinkhater and some of the new commentors that have graced the blog of late - this might be THE YEAR where we really surprise people.


matt said...

This is a little off topic, but I was wondering about your thoughts on the Wisconsin game, at least in regards to the spread. Currently, you guys are +14, and I think, a great play. Sure Wisconsin was top-10 last year, but replacing John Stocco will not be easy and you when it comes to quarterbacking experience, you guys certainly trump them with Brink. I know the game is in a hostil envioronment, but what are your thoughts roughly a week before KO.

Sedihawk said...

Very good question, and not an easy one to answer. In the betting world, at least it seems that week 1 lines are always the most difficult to read. After all, what do you have to go on but what teams accomplished last year? Every season teams are overrated and underrated, really, for the first month of the season, so who knows! However, to put it in some recent context, last year at this time I thought WSU getting 14 points vs. Auburn was too much, and I would have been all over the WSU side. That didn't work out so well (40-14, Auburn).

Taking the Crimson-colored glasses off for a second, I'd lean heavily towards taking the Cougs at plus-14.