Monday, August 20, 2007


Oh my god, you can hear the crying all the way down here in No-CAL.

First, the normally on-the-ball Go 2 Guy continues his fantasy that Brink somehow possesses something Gesser-like (I know that because he--the Go 2 Guy--told me):

Next, another article that also shows how Poor little Alex can't get the love he deserves.

Check this one out:


If you have limited time, the "scout" article is the best--it includes a section where Alex talks about how hard it was for him to watch Boise State win last year because Alex wonders "what could've been" had he gone there...


I'll tell you what would've happened little Alex: we would have gone to a bowl game once in the last two years and you would have had your butt on the stinking bench at BSU.

Too much. Too much.

Two weeks now until the journey to Wisconsin where Alex gets his chance at Redemption over the evil Brinkhater and other "non-football fans" who care more about winning than about individual statistics..

Or, he gets another excuse to blame his teammates about why the Cougs don't win.

I don't know, maybe its because Brinkhater is knocking on 40's door that I am so out of touch, but I thought that quarterbacks were supposed to shoulder blame for a team's shortcomings, not the other way around...

On even gloomier fronts, word from across the planet is that Gary "Fred" Rogers has been stinkin' it up against our scout team defense (that would be a Big Sky lower division team, by the way). That news should not be encouraging to Cougfans who know that we NEED a good season from our back-up (even in mop-up) to pave the way for a good 2008 campaign.

Two weeks til Kickoff!!!

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Brinkhater said...

My professors always told me to read the WHOLE chapter...not just the first two pages (like I listenned)

So, when I went and actually finished the article on Coug fan, some of Alex's takes were a bit more pallatable.

But the BSU stuff is just too much for my pea brain to take.

Spew that type of crap to your friends in 15 years who will only see your stats and not remember the liner notes..

Did I ever mention that I was the 1987 Sea-Tac League MVP???