Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pac-10 Previews are Rolling

The Biggest Shoes to Fill, Impact Frosh and Most Underrated Pac-10 pieces are now live at AOL. I went with Gibson as the #3 most underrated player in the Pac-10, based on his status as the #4 WR coming back in the Pac-10 this year in total receiving yards and receiving yards per game, but he's a guy that if you mention his name outside of Pullman, people are like "who??" :)

For honorable mention on Biggest Shoes, I went with Mixon and Bass for Frampton. Mixon is on the list, but who the hell knows if he'll do much of anything this year. He's overweight and injured, so Bass might be the guy after all. And for Impact Frosh I went with Chima, as it's pretty obvious right now that he'll be starting vs. Wisconsin. I don't know if that speaks volumes for how impressive Chima is, or, how thin the corners truly are back there!

Coaching hot seats are up next. I'll be kind, but, I think it's obvious who's going to be on the short list of coaches that need to win - NOW.

I'm sick of the whole Sonics mess. They are doing what they set out to do from day 1, and that is to hijack this toy and take it back home. It's been crystal clear, but now it's out there. What a ROYAL F-UP by McClendon though, man, you just don't open your mouth and say something like that! Either these guys are really stupid, or they are liars. Either way, I'm less inclined to give them a penny for anything and I'm almost to the point to say fine, you want the team, just take it and get out of our hair. Go lose millions in OKC and whine to them about a new arena. Just leave the name and the history, a local ownership group led by David Sabey and/or other Microsoft millionaires will emerge, a new Pepsi Center-style arena will get done with the proper time and planning and one day, the NBA will return.

And, think about this - who wants these guys to own our team?? McClendon is sure a winner. Other than being a billionaire with a capital B, he's donated big money to anti-gay marriage groups and was part of the John Kerry smear campaign, Swift Boats for truth or whatever the hell that was. Good riddance.

Meanwhile, Art Thiel....what can you say? HOME RUN today. Art is pretty negative at times, but, I had a few LOL moments reading it today. Great, great stuff.


Brinkhater said...

Nice....very nice...

By the way, did you see that Doba has Ropati playing DE???

I'm telling you, Doba's return to the D is going to pay dividends..

I'm still trying to be negative, but as the season nears, I'm getting back into the land of delusion..

Its going to be the most interesting season in a long, long time...

I'm starting to feel increasingly that mediocrity is not gonna be in the cards for this group..they are either gonna tank or be an OSU type surprise...

Very interesting...

Sedihawk said...

I ran with "The Dregs" as my assignment last night. Basically picking the Pac-10 teams that won't be bowling, which is a pretty small minority. Predictibly I went with WSU 8th, UW 9th and Stanford 10th by a LONG ways. Check it out:


Only one more preview to go, Oregon State as contender #4, and I'm done! It's been more work than it seems, believe me. But I feel like I know more about other Pac-10 teams than I ever thought possible.

It pained me to do it though, putting us in the Dregs, but hey, you never know what can happen. We might be able to shock some people, at home, that we might not think we'll beat right now. I'm thinking an ASU upset, or maybe even Oregon State in late November when they are worn out and maybe looking past us towards the bye week and then the Oregon game to end the year? Maybe the young DB's have improved enough by then? Maybe the OSU QB still isn't very good by then? Anything can happen.

Thing is man, we say it every year, and every year we over-analyze everything, but, it always comes down to one big thing - DEPTH. We never have enough quality, period. Truth hurts, but when you are 8th to 10th in recruiting every year, there's only so many diamond in the rough type kids that you are going to pull out. It's tougher than it's ever been to find a Rien Long or Will Derting or Marcus Trufant, guys that looked promising in high school but nobody saw all-conference talent! Think of the internet recruiting stuff today, all the things that are at recruiters finger tips now that weren't even in place 5, 6, 7 years ago. While there is a ton of parity, it's actually gotten harder for us to thrive because the hidden gems just aren't as hidden anymore.

That said, I heard an insider last night tell me that true frosh Eric Block could be an outstanding gem for the Cougs. Remember Block, the Bellevue High QB? The insider told me some first-hand stuff that will make you feel pretty damn good. He has had a really impressive start in camp, and they are falling in love with him. He came in bigger than they thought, just about 6-2, as he's grown like an inch at least since last year. But the impressive thing was he was benching 325 without a problem. He busted his ass all spring and summer, working out like a maniac, and it's showing. And then he ran a 4.49 in the 40, and it was like "oh my God, we got a player." You know he turned down Stanford, right? Really a brainy kid, unbelievably smart on the field with great instincts, outstanding character. Remember the name, because with the safety situation as it is now, by mid-season he could be starting back there!

Ropati at d-end? I guess it makes sense if you are running out a 3-4 D and he can play that Richard Seymour role, but in a 4-3 I don't like it. The 4-3 Cougar D has always been a success with speedy, smaller guys off the edge. Remember the old adage, safties come to WSU to play OLB, OLB's come to WSU to play MLB's, MLB's come to WSU to play D-end, and D-ends come to WSU to play D-tackle? Ropati makes us a lot slower out there, and he might not have enough juice to get around some of the better tackles. But we'll see, Doba has a clue and he knows better than me!

Still, I look at our secondary in diapers, the certainty that our pass rush will be weaker than last year, our lack of depth and of course, our schedule, it's just too much to overcome. By the way, did you see that Phil "Seman" Steele has us with the 3rd most difficult schedule in the country? Seman is Steele's real name, if you didn't already know. He changed it to protect from the inevitable beatings that would be handed down with a name like Seman!

All that said? I can't wait for the opener in a couple of weeks! I'm ready for some real games to watch and write about, and all the speculation and nonsense is over. It's hard to get juiced over previews, isn't it??