Monday, July 09, 2007

Ya, Baby!

This just in from College Football News:

Bowl Projections for 2007-08!
And their featured match-up?:
Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl Dec. 31 / 12:30 p.m. Fort Worth, Texas ESPNTie-Ins: Mountain West vs. Pac-10

Way Too Early Projection: Utah vs. Washington State

(Top 5 Others Considered: 1. TCU, 2. Oregon State, 3. BYU, 4. Arizona State, 5. Oregon)

THE BELL HELICOPTER ARMED FORCES BOWL!!!! Can you feel the excitement?!

Trust me Cougar Nation, the staff here at the WSU Football Blog would accept the invitation RIGHT NOW if offered.
This is by far our best case scenario.

Also, A BIG Shout Out to my man Ice Cube for dawning 4 different items of Cougar garb in the near hit family flick "Are We Done Yet"--including the poster!


Sedihawk said...

Hands down, I'll take it too. Does 3-9 make you bowl-eligible these days? Just checking.

And that's optimistic. Have you read up on San Diego St? Methinks we've got our hands full. We'll be limping in off the blowout vs. Wisconsin, while SD State's first game of the year? Yep, vs. WSU. They've got 9 starters back on offense too. Yikes.

And, Are We Done Yet?? Love the Coug gear, but, come on. I'm going to pass, but only because I'm holding out for the trilogy. I can't wait to see what wacky situation they are put in and wonder if Ice Cube can wiggle his way out! Watch out Lord of the Rings, Pirates, Harry Potter, the "Are WE ___ YET?" series will top them all!

Have you seen the summer league coverage, about how Oden and Durant haven't looked very good? I was thinking, you know, wouldn't it just be hilarious of both those guys JUST SUCKED eggs? What if, especially Durant, is just a complete bust and they move to OKC and nobody gives a damn!?!? Maybe that would be the justice in all of it, and Bennett would get what's coming to him.

Nah, Durant is too can't-miss. He's going to be amazing. Anyway, I can tell you this though, if they do move, you might as well start the free agency clock on Durant. He'll be the hell outta the dust bowl as fast as humanly possible.

Anonymous said...

We are NOT going to lose to SDSU. The reason: the biggest improvement is between Week 1 and 2. If SDSU had ONE game before us, I'd be worried, but we'll eeek out another Baylor type game.

Nice trade exception with the Shard deal. Funny article too by the Sports Guy at ESPN calling in the worst free agent signing ever...he might be right....

Will try to give you a buzz soon.

8 weeks til the debacle starts!

Sedihawk said...

We SHOULD beat SDSU, but it isn't exactly like last year where we faded badly vs. Auburn but got our act together vs. Idaho the following week. SDSU isn't Idaho! And actually I normally agree on the week 1 to week 2 thing, but for one big difference, and that is SDSU has a lot of experience back from last year. Their timing might be a little off offensively as they see another team's defense for the first time vs. seeing skeleton drills or 2nd-string defense guys for several weeks in a row, but they do have 9 starters back on O. That's scary. And a lot of experts believe that SDSU is considered a sleeping "giant" on the west coast and with Chuck Long in place, their turnaround might begin right now. It's going to be nail-biting time in that game, because if we lay an egg in that one, this could be the worst season in almost 10 years. It could end really, really, REALLY ugly for Bill.

That was a good move on the trade long as they use it. Presti can say that he wants to use it, but isn't that almost the worst possible thing if they are dead set on moving? In that they don't HAVE to pay anyone anything if they don't want to?? It's a much better scenario vs. taking on a bunch of expiring contracts, because Clay-Clay can just say don't use it, period, and he'll save the $9 million!

Nice to see a pennant race brewing?? That trade deadline is coming fast, and there is no question that these guys are in it. Even splitting with Detroit, to me, was impressive over the weekend. Detroit is the best team in the AL, hands down, and they have WS champs written all over them, so I was impressed that the M's battled them 2-2. I still think like everyone else that they are a starter short and don't have enough to top Cleveland for the WC or the Angels in the west. And they are also a big lefty bat away (Junior???). I agree with Geoff Baker at the Times (best baseball blog outside of USSMariner btw), that the M's need to give Broussard more AB's at first over Sexson. And they also need to get Adam Jones up here TODAY, get the gimpy Raul off the field and in at DH and they are instantly better!