Monday, July 30, 2007

Keeping it Low

But you really can't anymore.

Check out this link:

Put plain and simple: this upcoming year is going to be the most anticipated season of Cougar sports since our last Rose Bowl Appearance.

If memory serves, we started that year ranked #13 while picked to win the conference.

This year, we're gonna start at #8, with ESPN writers putting us at 5 or 6.

Football preview will air from this staff member two weeks from today.


Sedihawk said...

Low WILL play in the NBA. Not sure he'll be a first-rounder, but I'm convinced he'll make it on the next level. He's a bulldog in every sense. And a huge reason that if he can be healthy, we're going to be really, REALLY GOOD!

WSU meanwhile is finalizing a deal to play OK-State in 2009 in Qwest, and a return trip to Stillwater in 2010. I like it. Mid-level BCS team, better than Baylor for sure, should be a decent draw in Seattle. That game needs a boost, because the attendance has declined every year since 60,000+ showed up in 2003.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope Low plays in the NBA, he deserves to. Frankly, I think Kyle has a better chance, though. He may not have an outside shot but he handles the ball well, plays up to 4 positions (although probably 2 in the NBA), has good size for a wing/ guard, plays well inside, and has a good jumpshot (plus he's getting better at free throws).

I here ticket sales for the SDSU game is up from last year's Baylor game which would be nice. Maybe OK-State would be good if we could beat them but remember, we scheduled Notre Dame in '09 as well and 2 non-conference losses early could devestate us for the rest of the year. Hopefully by '09, we'll be the #1 team in the nation, though. (:

Sedihawk said...

You know what's cool? I know it's early, but Weaver is actually projected as a late 1st round pick for next year! Even better, Low is now on the radar as a 2nd-rounder. Check it out: