Thursday, July 19, 2007

Good News! PLUS Geek Statue

On the good side, looks like the Sonics are moving back toward the idea of Key Arena--the best idea in my humble opinion. Hopefully, sane heads will prevail and they will move toward a 200mil renovation that will keep the team in Seattle and move everyone happily toward the 17 win season that will be 2007-2008. (Prediction: Supes win Lotto next year and get real fat and sassy like for 2012).

Also: Weaver and Low busting up the Pan Am team. GREAT article by Andy Katz over at a couple of days ago. We are getting the LOVE and the HYPE. It will be very interesting to see how that season shakes down.

On the dark side, this picture absolutely foreshadows the season to come. In the end, we won't have a shirt on our backs, nor a penny to our names after another Apple Cup debacle--I've already started drinking...

Season previews will start from Blog staff in the coming weeks, but until then, a nice shot of Alex Brinktadamnous getting ready for another sterling 3 yard completion to the sidelines:

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