Friday, June 08, 2007


Great find by AOL's Michael David Smith. This is one painful interview:

And they say home-schooled kids don't have "social" issues.....NAAAAHHH!

Oh yeah, there's a new little look at the Pac-10 impact players out on AOL. Now with mugshots! Hooray AOL.

Sorry, no Coug made the cut (only 3 on offense, 3 on defense, and 3 top potential newcomers). I tried to not make it a USC love-fest, but it's pretty difficult at this point. Think of it this way - we're down to Dwight Tardy and Chris Ivory at running back. USC has a nation-high 79 lettermen returning, including TEN Parade All-American running backs on their roster! Their level of talent is unbelievable.

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Anonymous said...


Looks a lot like me after 3 weeks of non-stop nerdville..

But now that I'm done, let this year's football season begin..

By the way, it could be the lack of statistics, but part of me thinks this might not be such a bad year, afterall....

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