Friday, June 01, 2007

LeBron Was Amazing, but Better than MJ?

The guys at AOL have an interesting post about LeBron, basically debating his freakish 48 points, including 29 of the last 30 of his team's totals as he willed them to victory in a way we haven't seen, since, well, the original #23 was shredding RIP CITY. Remember this?:

MJ was sick that night. I still remember the goose bumps back then, where he was just on another plane.

Still, you have to put LeBron in the top-5 all time for single game amazingness. What a fantastic player, and still ONLY 22?!?! What were YOU doing when you were 22!??! Just unreal. The fadeaway 3's, shooting over the top of double-triple teams or going around and/or through the vaunted Detroit D, he just did it in a way that again, we haven't seen since MJ. Even in Seattle where we're losing hope by the day, it was still cool to have a reminder like last night to show you how fantastic it really can be to be a fan of the NBA. Even Clay Bennett can't take that away.

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