Thursday, May 17, 2007

Robert Horry Used to be Pretty Good

First of all, I always respected Big Shot Bob. I can't even remember all the big shots he's hit in his career. Wikipedia has a pretty good rundown, and it's really pretty remarkable. But you can't forget that he's also a bit of a thug after his latest screw-up.

1) While a member of the Rockets, Horry fell into the Sonics bench, where a 65-year old Bob Kloppenberg tried to help him up. Horry threw Kloppy to the ground as he tried to get back into the game (remember that?). I wish I had a picture or video of it, but it was a thuggish thing to do.
2) Remember the towel in the face of Danny Ainge? Major thug move and completely disrespectful of his coach.
I guess I prefer to remember Horry from this video, where it's clear how he got the Big Shot Bob nickname:

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Anonymous said...

Forgot about Kloppy....too much..

Love the short shorts and the 8 foot hoop for the slams..

Great frickin post!