Saturday, May 19, 2007

Former Local Owner the "White Knight" to Save Sonics?

There might be a savior in the Seattle area after all for the Sonics. The TNT is running this today, and the initial reaction is it sure makes a hell of a lot of sense. breaks it down as well, a pretty solid take on the whole thing and they are hearing rumors as well.

You know, we touched on it the other day, about the mounting costs that Bennett faces in trying to move, both short-term and long-term. But Frank Hughes brought up one more angle I hadn't thought of - the team ALSO stands to lose $20 million annually just being in Seattle with the way things are right now. So, yeah, sprinkle in another $40 million in losses, on top of what's already documented.

With such a mess on his hands, isn't it the best move for Bennett at this point to just cut his losses and forget the whole thing?


Anonymous said...

Lets just hope that this whole thing comes together quickly...Part of me thinks we're gonna get #1 or #2 in the draft and if we do, it would be brutal to see the team leave..

But part of me thinks that we're going to get the third pick..

And then in June Stern comes to the podium:

"And with the 3rd pick in the 2007 NBA draft, the Seattle Sonics take Spencer Hawes from the University of F-ington."

can you just hear the "WHHHHHHHHHATTTTT!!!!!" coming from everywhere?

Just think in the last four years, we'd get..

1. Swift
2. Petro
3. Sene
4. Hawes

How flipping classic would that be??

Sedihawk said...

First of all, don't kid yourself - the Sonics will pick 5th or 6th. In case you didn't know, THE LOTTERY IS FIXED and there's no chance - none - that Stern or the NBA wants either Oden or Durant in Seattle. At least the lottery used to be fixed. Check out the video of the 1985 lottery, and how Stern picked the Knicks envelope out of the drum, the only envelope with an obvious crease on one end! What a joke. Bill Simmons is right:

Here's a link to the video:

Anyway, if they get the 5th pick or 6th pick, there is still hope. I think that Corey Brewer has a chance to be this year's D-Wade to Lebron and Carmelo from a few years back (meaning: After Oden and Durant, I think Brewer can be the next most "special" player). Just hope he lasts until 5 or 6. What a perfect fit he would be in this group, an unselfish, athletic, defensive minded freak who would slide in quite nicely to Rashard's soon-to-be-vacated SF position. He could be Heavy-D-Mckey with Pippen's athleticism!

Meanwhile today's Times basically has Bennett shooting holes in the TNT's story from yesterday, so, we might be right back to him being a fool and it's OKC or nothing. Then again, I didn't exactly expect him to come right out and say that yes, he's had enough, he's failed and wants to sell.

I just can't imagine that anyone not in the Bennett family, or anyone outside OKC, actually thinks this is a good idea for so many reasons! Either sell the team to local interests who will never move it, or, move the team and leave the history behind. Either way, we don't want him anymore, period, end of story.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong about Oklahoma City. The odds are still pretty against the NBA giving pumpkin-head the thumbs up for OKC. Watch out for San Jose though. The group down there offered Schultz more money than Bennett LY but said they would move the franchise as soon as the sale closed. If Bennett folds up here, he will sell to the highest bidder. Beware San Jose.