Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Buh-Bye Sonics

Well, there goes any optimism I once had. I'm starting to think this isn't just hard-line talking anymore, and that he really does want to take them to OKC. How can you read this and not think anything else? At least we won't have Squatch to kick around anymore. Boy, can you just imagine the buzz-kill when the 10/31 deadline passes, there is no arena deal, and Bennett can't contain his glee that he will be moving the team, yet meanwhile Kevin Durant battles Greg Oden in the season opener (if you haven't checked, Seattle and Portland play each other in the first game of 2007). Yeah, that's going to pretty much SUCK. A lame duck season is one of the ugliest things in sports, and the bandwagon city will abandon ship so fast it'll be shocking. And also sad to only get a glimpse of the young Durant before he's on his way out.

I never thought I'd say this - GO BLAZERS.


Anonymous said...

This isn't "we're analyzing things, but Seattle is our first choice." This is now "we're in talks with OKC and KC to move the team."

But that's where you and every other seattle sonics lover grossly misjudged this whole thing. Yes, CB will be roughly $500 mil in the hole after he finally pays penalties, relocation fees and the cost of buying the team, but guess what? Oklahoma is going to more than make it worth his while. You are so niave, you have no clue of the backroom dealings he'll pull off at home where he has relations bult up for years of business. Don't you realize his wife owns the media back here? some major under-the-table relief from the city to help him offset his move costs. He eats the losses now, but he gets that money back after the move.

The lesson seattleites have to learn here is that no matter how crazy a move like this sounds, sports/nba isn't about the right business decision or the thing that's best for the league. These owners have ego's the size of TX, and the lure for Bennett to be a hero for life is just too great. He'll become Paul Allen of OKC, and for a massive ego, that's really what he's wanted all along. He has the overwhelming desire to be stroked and told how wonderful he is. He has the need to validate himself as not just a guy who's rich because of his wife, but this is HIS BABY, that he's doing this. Sorry Seattle, you lose AGAIN.

Sedihawk said...

Yep, Seattle does lose again. The shame is that the city and state won't realize what they had until it's gone. I still wonder exactly what study the city of Seattle did that told them they'll be able to get 15 - 17K people up to the Queen Anne area for 41 nights a year between rainy November and rainy April every year. But alas, all it takes is one politician, one study where someone says something, and people hitch their wagons to it and claim it as unbiased fact. But anyone can skew numbers in their favor, period, and clearly the city of Seattle just doesn't want to deal with the Sonics/NBA. They'd rather focus on other things.

I guess the lure of being a GOD is probably big for pumpkin-head. The "commoners" out here can't really understand what that feels like, the ego and the overwhelming desire to one-up the other millionaires. And interesting about how he's only where he is because of the Gaylord family, and that it's all his wife's cash. He's likely out to prove that he's a big boy and can do something big, make his mark and have a statue erected in his honor outside the arena, whatever. He's obviously driven to do this, and at this point, he absolutely cannot lose if what you say is true and a backroom deal is truly waiting for him once he moves the team.

I still wonder what Stern's reaction is officially going to be. Does he placate the man's wild ego/obsession and allow this move to happen? Does he abandon the Seattle market and trade it in for OKC? Or does he even care, and is he in bed with Bennett and been steering this whole thing from the beginning? Does he just want to use Seattle as the ultimate example to all politicians that you better "play ball" or the NBA takes it's ball and goes elsewhere?

The frustrating thing to me is that Bennett said when he bought the team that he's giving himself a self-imposed deadline of 10/31/07 to have an arena deal in place. Well, have you looked at the calendar? It's STILL MAY! 10/31 is still FIVE FULL MONTHS away, yet he's making noise about giving up already? Can't a lot happen in five months? There's still plenty of time to get something done. And, 10/31/07 is only a self-imposed deadline by Bennett. He technically has until 3/1/08 before he'd have to file for relocation for the 08-09 season. Why not let the season play out into 2008, let the fans fall in love with Durant, let the team and city get energized again about Seattle hoops?

That's the biggest rub of all. He claims nobody cares about the Sonics, but, name me a city that would be jumping up and down over a team that just went 31-51, their worst record in 20-something years. Name me a city that would lay down and approve a $500 million arena when the product on the floor has been sub-par at best the last few years? What exactly has Bennett done since he bought the team, other than make threats from his 31st floor office in OKC? It's a show-me business, and right now, Bennett's shown absolutely nothing in regards to what kind of product he's going to put on the floor.

Sports fans have generally short attention spans and don't really care that we went to the finals in 1996 or had one of the best winning %'s in the 90's. We want to be entertained, NOW, and not be forced to search YouTube for glory-day highlights. Give us a reason to care, today, and we will. But roll out 30+ win teams, and we'll pay attention to other things. Not just Seattle, but everywhere.