Wednesday, April 18, 2007

God Hates WSU, Injures Another Starter

Ok, not really. I'm sure he/she doesn't HATE WSU. In fact he/she probably doesn't really care one way or another, I mean there are bigger items on the to-do list than striking down WSU football players with injury after injury.....but still, ENOUGH ALREADY! Now Broadus is likely going to miss some time?? Just remember, it's only APRIL and we're basically down 4 projected starters on the defensive line. What's going to happen when they line up at Wisconsin and those big boys start hammering away at our young, thin line?? Combine that with the fact that Doba is holding out hope that the corners will show up this summer and seize the starting jobs?? It feels like it's been a long year already, and we're only just done with spring ball.

Now, to get over the Sonics gloom I've been feeling, I found this today to make me laugh. I especially love the part where he realizes he's on TV and smiles, and the crowd starts booing. CLASSIC!

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