Friday, March 30, 2007

Hutsona + Buh-Bye = Little Buddy's team

Little nugget from Glenn today that I couldn't help but notice:

One other unrelated note, FYI. Though it's not definite, I would not expect Derrell Hutsona to be in a Cougar uniform this fall. The academic hurdles are significant, and from what I hear there are some possible disciplinary issues as well. Bottom line is that I doubt he'll be eligible to play at WSU in 2007.

Great. Hutsona gave the backs that little extra something that they didn't have last year - namely a lot of speed - and now he's probably done.

Ok, so, no DeMaundray as of right this moment (hopeful he gets back into school?), and now no Hutsona. So that leaves us with Tardy.....and......uh......Chris Ivory? Marcus Richmond? Skyler Jessen? Oh boy.

This is a knee-high fastball right in Duckhater's wheelhouse, but, if they have any shot at a bowl next year, "Little Buddy" is going to have to throw it a LOT! This too shall pass.


Anonymous said...

Like I said and will say 1,000 times, there is potential for this group to do really well--in 2008.

First day of practice, Ivory--who took one to the house against the Spuds last year--looks good. He WILL be a good RB for us.

Rogers gets praise...and hopefully, he'll gain a bit more consistency.

Problem is that we know that we're playing against what will be the worst defense in the Crap-10. Or is it?

As i will post later, one question to watch during this upcoming year is the extent to which Akey was overmatched as a defensive coordinator. It will be interesting to see if Grandpa rights the defensive side of the ball.

Any takers on the Little Buddy to the NFL bet?

Sedihawk said...

So how good is Florida?? I know Afflalo had foul trouble and had a miserable game overall, but my God, Florida just comes at you in waves. To think they have those guards that can fill it up and defend like crazy, and then to have someone like big Richard or Horford or Noah, who runs the floor like a shooting guard? They are just so complete. I can't wait to see the game on Monday night and how Oden handles Noah and Horford!

I was sure wrong on Ohio St. I didn't think they were that good, with all those close shaves in the tourney and all that and a frosh point guard, but Conley is the real thing. He totally elevated his game when Oden went out with foul trouble, just so quick. He and Green of Florida is going to be a huge key to who wins.

Anonymous said...

A rematch of the NCAA football national championship???? Is there a way that they could BOTH lose this game?

Hate em both.

One thing's for sure: for donovan to leave Florida for ANYTHING besides an NBA gig is just asenine. How do you get better than where he's at right now? You can't.

Its just that simple.

it does give a bit of a flavor though about how good you have to be to win the darn thing.

We've got a LLLLLLONNNNGGG way to go!