Sunday, March 25, 2007

Carolina in my Mind

Greetings NCAA tourney lovers...

Well, if any of you caught the USC-Carolina game, you saw the end game for the Cougs even had they beaten Vandy and Georgetown. And we thought USC was athletic.

Sure, the Trojans were worn down by the Heels' depth, but come on...I don't think I've ever seen a faster team in my life. If G-Town beats them today, I'd be shocked.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how the Quackers do today. My thought is that if they stay in this game, they will win....That is, if they are able to score early, they'll be able to score late...And if they're able to score late, they'll win this game--much like Utah did to Arizona when they were trying to repeat as champs nearly a decade ago.

My thought, though, is that they will struggle to score early and that Florida is going to blow them out a la Ohio State and Memphis yesterday. Should be fun to watch!

Meanwhile, we at the WSU blog are taking suggestions from all on what to Title the vessel of the upcoming implosion known as 2007 Cougar Football (this is meant to replace "King of Poop Island")...

My two suggestions are:

SS Minnow (with Brink being the "little buddy")



SS Pinto (rear end it, and the whole thing explodes)..

Fire at will..


Anonymous said...

well, I can think of no names nor do I want to even speculate about this upcoming season, but I will say that have absolutely no enthusiasm for it, to the point where I will probably miss about 3 games due to conflict, and I am just not happy enough to move the "conflicts"

the "other" board is indeed depressing but maybe enlightening.....seems so many don't remember the dink passes that AB MISSED or the open recievers he never threw too or the sloppy passes, etc...

but its always the defense, or the special teams, or its Jason NOT catching a monstrosity thrown to him or its the running backs or its the offensive line...

everyone gets the blame except the qb....the qb can't be blamed for anything apparently.....

oh well....this year will pass.....

Sedihawk said...

Shocker that G-Town pulled it off? I'm not. In fact I picked the Hoyas to win that region (and believe it or not, I'm patting myself of the back as I got all final 4 teams right. I went from 14th place out of 15 after day 1 to 2nd place today, and should Florida get to the title game, that pot's mine! :)

Seriously though, I loved what I saw of G-town down the stretch, and while people caution themselves about picking the hot conf. tourney winners to go all the way, you can pick them in confidence if they also won the regular season. Plus, I always questioned Carolina's defense and, most of all, heart. They were young, maybe too young in key spots, and they didn't defend very well. They are loaded with NBA talent but they had that feel to me of U-Conn last year, just amazingly talented yet seemed a little, oh, what's the word? Maybe dis-interested at times?

Anyway, UCLA is the only 1 of the 4 that didn't win their conference tourney, but G-Town, Florida, UCLA and Ohio St were all regular season champs. Something to think about anyway, ala Joe Lunardi.

I don't want to show my hand just yet on 2007, but man, I don't think I've been less optimistic so early in the season. But the more I look at that schedule, the more I struggle to find bowl-eligibility. Just remember, if we don't go bowling this year, it'll be the first time since the early-mid 80's that we went 4 straight years without a bowl. That's a big fat zero for the 100% pure Doba program now that Mkristo and company have left, the last of the Price recruits. The offense is going to be OK, but they'll obviously miss Hill on offense, and losing the 6 starters off the defense is just brutal, not because of the sheer number but because of the quality of the players and the leadership that goes with it. Then again, all that leadership and they couldn't stop ANYONE in the last 3 games, including 35 at home to UW. Ouch. We were statistically one of the worst D's in the Pac-10 last year, and now we lose our best d-lineman, 2 of our 3 starting LB's and 3 starters in the secondary, including a first-team Pac-10 safety??? YIKES.

I wonder what the over-under is for Johnson/Ropati to both go down with various ankle-back-knee ailments. I think setting the line at halftime of Wisconsin is accurate. GLOOOM!

At least Tony is headed for an extension, if you can believe our buddy and also the new story out of Glenn that was, let's be fair, about a week behind what's really been going on. Nice to have an inside source every now and then. I bet it'll be $800K, plus several easily attainable incentives, and it'll be a 5-year deal.

Anonymous said...

What a choke job by Carolina...choke city...with all that guard play, they just faded down the stretch...pretty amazing the way that they were breaking down G-Town's zone in text book fashion and then all of a sudden, they stopped running their offense..It was easily the BEST 30 minutes of coaching of Williams' career and the worst last 10...really terrible job with his kids jacking 3s early in the shot clock up 5 and 7 with about 4:00 to go, plus the time outs to let G-Town get set defensively, etc., etc. What a choke!

And Oregon: does Kent know that when you're down more than 4 with under 30 seconds that you HAVE to shoot 3's???? If he doesn't fire him...and if he does, why were his kids driving to the basket???

Obviously, in the case of FLA, the best team is moving on...but G-Town is NOT better than Carolina, although their match-up with OSU should be interesting..

Sedihawk said...

Good analysis, but I have been a huge question-mark guy on UNC all year long. Maybe because I've watched them so closely, but they were prone to stretches where you just scratch your head and think "how the heck could they look that BAD with all that NBA talent?" They did the exact same fold job vs. Maryland down the stretch of the ACC season where they just stopped running their offense with about 5 minutes left and the Terps pulled away. I'm telling you it's the same with U-Conn last year. All-universe talent, yet heads on those kids that tended to drift. Plus, UNC was depending quite a bit on Wright and Lawson (Ty), frosh, and Hansborough who while good in a crazy Laimbeer sense, is still only a sophomore. And they never put out consistently on the defensive end. Youth lost out. Meanwhile Hibbert is a vastly improved player vs. last year, and I really like Jeff Green, man, what a player.

Then again, G-Town shouldn't have even been in that game because they shouldn't have beaten Vandy! Green walked on that game-winner. I don't care what Billy Packer says, the tape don't lie! He picked up that pivot foot. Think we're sick about losing to Vandy, how do you think the Commodores feel right about now, knowing they were a correct call from being in the Great 8? Sick.

Great point on athleticism. Did you see Kansas and UCLA?? Unreal talent on both teams. Just nasty defense. Never a comfortable possession for either team. Amazing how those coaches are able to get that level of effort out of McDonald's All-Americans on defense. Howland and Self, just great coaches. I thought Kansas had the more talented, bigger team, but UCLA can just grind with anyone.

Anonymous said...

This just in - Ivory Clark HATES Tony Bennett:

Not a shocker. But it's too bad he and Tony couldn't get things straight. They are going to miss Clark next year, but we'll see.

“All that coach of the year stuff, I don’t endorse that.” Mmmm-kay. Well, Ivory, everyone else in America with a coach of the year vote sees it differently, but oh well.

Hmmm. Interesting to note that Bennett was said to be on the road recruiting. I'm just glad it didn't say "When reached in his Ann Arbor hotel room"....

Anonymous said...

Good article..

We've come a long way since Big Ferns was writing open letters to Dicky V to get us in the NIT.

I remember the year we won 24 and missed the tourney sitting at the openning luncheon with Big Ferns while Brian Payne said straight-faced that he thought we were as good as Arizona and the second best in the conference.

Not to mention Jimmy Livengood with his pleather jacket and plad pants...

We've come a long way fellas...

Keep thinking about the moniker..I really like the SS Pinto...

Lets get Tony signed, please

Sedihawk said...

I'm mixed on the Pinto. I actually love it, but I don't think it's relevant enough for today's ME generation who don't remember what a Pinto was, or the problems associated with it. Although it was parodied in Top Secret starring a young Val Kilmer/Todd Thrasher.

In honor of Doba, maybe we could go way back in time, to that night to remember in 1912 when the unsinkable ship had it floored in the open sea with little visability and ignored about 100 ice warnings, only to ram a 'berg the size of Mt. Spokane. Maybe "The 2007 Cougars - Shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic, one week at a time." And we could photoshop a mugshot of Doba onto the old photos of the captain? Maybe do up a Titanic movie poster and replace Leo's mug with Rosie, and Kate Winslett's mug with Brink?

"Sir, another ice warning. That's 100 in 3 days. Maybe we should slow down?"
Smith: "Nah. In fact I just ordered the last boilers lit. FLOOR IT! I'm off to bed."

Or how about the Hindenberg? We could put up a huge picture of the flaming ball of the infamous blimp, with the title "The 2007 Cougars - OH THE HUMANITY!"

It'll come together.

AND I LOVE the visual of House Of Paine! I bet Todd still has the refridgerator magnet of big #43. My memory of Paine was him getting rejected on a breakaway by Idaho's point guard, who was maybe 6-feet tall. We lost the game at Moscow and I believe the game was on ESPN believe it or not.

Anonymous said...


Too funny. I was at that game sitting with my girlfriend..when Payne got blocked and missed the dunk, I stood up and called him a miserable p of s...then this really nice middle-aged woman suggested that I tone it down a little.

The irony: she was the president of the university of Idaho and I happened to be sitting in her seat.

Whoop dair it is! Whoop dair it is!