Thursday, March 15, 2007


More tomorrow, but a stellar performance by the Cougs today against a Golden Eagles team that was MUCH better than I could have imagined.

All of those dudes were super atheltic...all of them could shoot.

Couple of quick notes, with more coming tomorrow:

The team that won the game today was the same lineup that was so awesome during our first stretch. Until Georgetown, might i suggest that Baynes park his butt on the bench.

Clark was brilliant today, simply brilliant.

Robbie Cowgill and Taylor Rochestie are really fantastic basketball players.

Kyle Weaver is special. Not only is he great AND athletic, but his savy and smarts in pulling two or three breaks back to eat clock was something you'd expect from Steve Nash, not a Junior playing his first game in the big dance.

Matthews hit EVERYTHING in warm ups...Hopson hit NOTHING in warmups or the game. If we ever need O, Matthews is our guy...cuz man can he shoot...

In terms of Saturday:

EVERYONE on Vandy can hit from 3. So, if we don't guard, expect to get buried.

But their interior d is really weak (GW got into the bonus 9 minutes into the first half but couldn't capatalize). I think we'll score easily against them.

The key will be to defend the perimeter well and make them shoot jump shots from 12-18 feet...

We should be packing for the Meadowlands Saturday night if we play to our ability.

And after seeing, Cougar Nation, I'm believing...we're REALLY good.


Sedihawk said...

Fantastic W, just fantastic. The second half was like a whole different game. I guess that's why they play 40 minutes, not 20? Anyway, when you look around the tourney, we responded like good teams respond to a lower seed - we weathered their sure and loosy-goosy approach as the 14-seed is prone to do, but as things went on, we made adjustments, played our game, and ran away from them down the stretch. That's what high seeds do. Best of all, they didn't let "the moment" get to them and they figured it out.

LOVE Ivory Clark. What more can be said? Their 20-10 PF was beyond frustrated, even throwing a few elbows late in the game, one nearly taking off Weaver's head. That weakside help by Clark is just tremendous and now maybe the rest of the nation understands why our defense is well-regarded. Like Sutton said after the game, they are so, so much better in person than they look on film, can't really explain it, but they are very impressive.

Defend the 3 on Saturday and we pack for Jersey. Play like we played against Oregon and USC and we're headed home. Bottom line, ENJOY THIS TEAM.

Anonymous said...

Notice who's missing from the official 2007 NCAA t-shirt? Notice who's in their place?

SHAME ON YOU NCAA, CBS, and whatever idiot approved this thing.

Personally I hope Bennett shows his kids the t-shirt in the locker-room. "LOOK, WE'RE NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!" :)

Sedihawk said...

False alarm. Look closely at that t-shirt and you'll see several mistakes. Cal? Syracuse? Air Force? NC State? None of them are in the tourney this year, yet their logo's are on the t-shirt. It looks less like a WSU snub and more like the NCAA or CBS screwed up royally.