Thursday Quick-Hits

We’ve written before about the on-the-field ramifications of missing out on bowl games. The extra 15 practices were always something Mike Price would talk up as the invaluable experience for his younger players in the program. These days it’s even more important, due to the limit on the number of hours per week that a coaching staff can hold organized practice sessions, etc. But if you factor out the last 4 years of “I’ll be home for Christmas” for our Cougs, that’s roughly 60 practices that our youth has missed out on! No wonder some schools continually go to bowl games, while others like UW, WSU and Arizona struggle to get back up there when they have a few down years.

But not only do the players miss out on the practices and the hope of nice weather and the bowl gear and extra attention on national TV? But they miss out on REALLY COOL STUFF. ESPN ran through what some of the gifts each player will receive just being on a bowl team roster this year. For a lot of poor college kids, imagine not only getting the bowl game experience, but also getting a $500 gift on top of everything else? How cool is that? And how much does that SUCK for non-bowl teams??

Moving on…..seriously…..the mother of the Spears children must sure be proud these days. Not only has her oldest daughter completely veered off the tracks, but trainwreck number-2 is now knocked up…at 16??? Say it ain’t so, Zoey 101! How do you piss away a couple of millionaire gravy trains like Britney and Jamie Lynn? Simply put, UNBELIEVABLE. Lynne Spears, right now you are looking like a number-1 seed in the white-trash Southeast Region in the Worst Mother Ever tournament.

The Cougs get it on with the Citadel tonight. Nice to see that a projected 10 K will be there as the wet side fans get a first-hand chance to view their heroes. Jerry Brewer had a good write-up of Tony Bennett and the boys. He makes a good point too, in that it’s hard to have a sustained run of success if you haven’t ever done it before. Sure, you can rattle off a couple of winning seasons in a row, maybe even make a deep run (see: UW). But the key is how long can you actually sustain it? Two years ago UW looked like it would be a top-3 Pac-10 team, year in and year out. Now, even with the splashy recruiting class of a couple of years ago, they are barely .500 and don’t look like a tournament team, for the second consecutive year? Kind of amazing really. Now Brinkhater will likely point out later that this run is in fact sustainable given Tony Bennett and the kind of program he runs, that not only is so unique but also places a premium on heart and character over talent. Like the great quote in the Brewer story, “Make a mistake on talent, but don’t make a mistake on character”, you know that most years Bennett is going to have the right kinds of kids in the program. But, I guess the point is, enjoy the ride while it lasts and most of all, don’t worry about tomorrow!

Did Cougfan jump the gun on announcing Jason McEndoo is the new o-line coach at WSU? As Corso says….well…you know what he says. It appears so. At first, the story headline was that McEndoo had been confirmed by two sources as the new coach, but now, there’s a bit of back-peddling going on. Another story appeared here, again saying the official stance from WSU officials is that no announcement is pending, and it may not be until after x-mas or even new year’s before there’s something to say. As a former offensive lineman who dominated Mike Lustyk, Hooty gets the floor in all things offensive-line-speak. He should be putting up a post in the next day or so about McEndoo, IF in fact he is the choice??