Ho Ho Ho!

And in case you are wondering, YES, that is WSU Football Blog’s own Bad Santa. Yep, it’s Hooty McBoob, flashing the christmas onions at anyone/everyone. Even children. Bad Santa! There’s a good story behind the shot, so, maybe Hooty will swing by and elaborate?

The blog continues to evolve. Right now I’ve enabled an RSS feed of the Spokesman’s sports blog feed. I couldn’t get it to filter WSU results, so you’ll see a little bit of everything. But the cool part is that now you’ll see new SR.com blog stories pop on the right without having to go check. I’ll try to add some more as the week rolls on, but I think it’s a pretty cool feature.

AND, as the RSS feed clearly states, WE’RE NUMBER 4 BABY! How about them apples? #4 in the AP, #4 in the coaches. Tops in WSU history. Unbelievable. Once again, I’ll steal Brinkhater’s line for 2007-08 – “Enjoy this. Enjoy this ride for as long as it lasts. You and me, we have no idea if we’ll ever be in this position again. So don’t over-analyze it, don’t wring your hands, just simply enjoy the ride.”

Happy Holidays to you and yours. “Enjoy the ride” with your family and friends. Life is too short and like the sports analogy, you just never know when you’ll be here again. Just remember: Tomorrow is guaranteed to no man!