Excuse Our Dust….

Aw, cheer up sweetheart. YES, WSU Football Blog has changed, but don’t worry! It’ll be ok. Turn that frown upside down!

As you, loyal reader, can see, WSU Football Blog has undergone a bit of a “lift” so to speak. It was time. The old Crimson-n-Grey lady was showing some age and saggy-ness since being born in the fall of 2004, so it’s time to step up. Like Paul Wulff is rebuilding the program, it’s time to go under the knife around here and add some cool new stuff to keep YOU coming back, day after day.

First, your regular blog contributors are still here – Hooty McBoob, Brinkhater (artist formerly known?), and myself, Sedihawk. But after a season on the shelf, our old friend Rooster has been coaxed out of retirement and is going to climb on board! Welcome back Roost, old friend. We look forward to your biting commentary and humor. As they say, you can take the Rooster out of Reardon, but you can’t take the Reardon out of Rooster.

You’ll notice some new features right away – we’ll be running some weekly polls, so you are encouraged to vote early and often. We’ve kept our standard links, so don’t worry about that. But we’ve added some news feeds to the right, as well as a scrolling ticker-style news feed at the bottom if you are so inclined. Should be much easier to get your mainstream media stuff now. We’ve also embedded some YouTube WSU video for your viewing enjoyment to the bottom-right. You can view the YouTube video from right here in our little blog without ever having to leave! Isn’t that wonderful???

Speaking of video, stay tuned there. We’ve got stacks of DVD’s from our glory years and not-so-glory years, and you’ll start to see more clips and such. Some will be from the YouTube feed, but some will be embedded right here on the site. We’ll try to get something fresh and new up on a weekly basis to tide you over until spring ball hits next year.

As ALWAYS, your feedback is welcome and highly encouraged. Keep it coming. And if you do comment, put a user name. If you’ve noticed, you can just enter a name on the fly now at Blogger and not have to validate anything with an e-mail address or a sign-up. But we’d like to know who you are with your user-names.

Finally, little WSU Football Blog is all growed up! From what started as a way to not choke corporate e-mail servers with our inane blabbering about the Cougar football program, it’s really come a long way. We are at nearly 45,000 hits in the last two years. Not exactly ESPN, but we’re not really trying for that anyway. We don’t promote this site, we just do it out of a labor of love. But somehow, you found us. Keep coming back, because it will be worth your while.