Monday, October 30, 2006

Brinkhater Named Offensive Player of Week!

Yes, Cougar nation, Brinkhater was named offensive player of the week today after a few choice expletive laden tirades directed at Peanut (Loren Langley) during Saturdays game . Can't believe I won it, but I can say that I have been doin' my best to stay within myself, give it 110%, stay healthy, and do what I need to do to help the team win....

At any rate, congrats to Alex Brink for winning Pac-10 player of the week for another fantastic performance! Watching Brink throw the ball over the middle, hit his tight ends, throw the ball to the sidelines with was difficult to breathe! Add to all of that the resurgence of Woolridge, the explosiveness of Tardy, and the return of Boyd, and, well, we've got a bonafide Top 25 team on our hands.

So, a quick peek at the rest of the year (and in case anyone is wondering, Brinkhater is sitting fat and sassy at 9-0 in predicting Cougar fortunes this year...And guess what? I'm goin' 12 and 0, baby!):

First things first, THE COUGARS WILL WIN OUT.

No doubt about this one. Sure, there are things to worry about: For example, how will we respond this weekend in what is a BONAFIDE let down game? Will we weather the crowd and finish the Pac-10 season with a PERFECT conference road record against ASU? Will we overcome the yips and become the first Cougar team to beat the Huskies three straight years?

The answer: Yes. The reason: Simple.

The defense is simply NOT going to give up more than 28 points in any game for the rest of the year. Period. We've got 9 games worth of proof. And, Alex Brink is NOT going to face the type of defense that can cause him problems. In short, he's figured it out, he has the confidence, and he has the weapons. NO ONE left on the schedule will be able to stop this offense. No one has the speed to do so.

So, even if we find ourselves in mini shootouts, we win. Barring collosal injury, we're going 9-3. Put it in the bank.

Couple of other notes: In case you're wondering who and what to root for over the next couple of weeks, here you go:

Oregon over Washington
Oregon over USC
Arizona State over Beavs
Beavs over Oregon
Cal over USC

Put it all together and it spells HOLIDAY BOWL for our beloved Cougs. Best thing about it--it all is GOING TO HAPPEN.

Enjoy the week.

And yes, Rooster, rest Bruce this weekend. You HAVE TO! Click here for more Comments

Sunday, October 29, 2006

It's ROLLING now

What a tremendous win. I rambled on and on about it here, but just to review - is this the most resilient team in WSU history? Have you ever seen a team come together more than they have under extreme adversity? Just 3 weeks ago there were serious calls for Gary Rogers and major doubt was everywhere......except where it matters most. Sure they were frustrated, but you never saw anything close to a QB controversy, or a split in the locker-room over anything, really. They have hung tough, and now they are playing at an elite level the last couple of games. I could go on and on about them, but bottom line? They are ROLLING.

Oh yeah, and WELCOME back to the Top 25! Ok, so it's only the AP poll, and ok, it's only #25....but it sure beats the alternative, doesn't it? Click here for more Comments

Friday, October 27, 2006

8-4 Prediction

At the beginning of the season when I made my outrageous prediction that the Cougs would go 8-4, this was one of the games that I said we would lose. However, I thought we would beat Cal. I'm asking the football gods for a trade... I probably should have asked earlier.

It seems like all season long the defense and offense have fed energy off of each other, and when they do they are a BCS caliber team. It was particularly apparent last week. The key to the game is going to be whoever is on the field first needs to make some big plays and get the entire team fired up. Having said that, I would feel more comfortable getting the defense out there first. They've been the more consistent ones of the two. They also have the best chance of running over an inexperienced quarterback and his so-so offense versus our offense trying to make an immediate impact on what is basically the best defense in the Pac-10. The offense needs the defense to start the fire.

I hope Doba and the crew are as ready for UCLA as they were for Oregon. It was impressive that they came out, cured the Red Zone problem and continued to wreak havoc with the 3-4 defense. Hopefully they don't rest on their laurels with the new red zone package and not change it up some. I would think a week of watching film would be plenty to render the 2 back stuff from last week useless. I have faith in the coaches... Cougs win this one:

WSU 24 UCLA 20
UW 24 Sundildos 23
Schmucks 55 PSU 16 (Does that score look familiar Hawk? Just for fun)
USC 42 Beavuares 17 Click here for more Comments


Happy Football Friday, Week IX style. Pretty hard to believe that we have only four games left on the slate. Where has the time gone?

Check the link in the post below for the most in-depth breakdown of this weekend's tilt that you will find anywhere--and that of course includes the papers. Great work, Hawk!

In terms of Brinkhater's takes, well, just scroll down to the bottom of the blog. Obviously, this weekend comes down to Alex Brink's ability to start off strong enough to create some lanes for the running game--cuz they are gonna stack the box to start. Of course, beyond establishing the pass to set up the run, Alex and the crew has to deliver again in the redzone once we get down there.

But, as I've said in previous posts, Alex will do just that. Why?

As I noted, this is the time of the year where confidence and moxy means EVERYTHING as we painfully witnessed in the reverse last year. And this group has it collectively as well as with its individual leader, Brink. A couple of key points to remember:

1) WSU is 7-3 over UCLA since 1994 and has won the last two trips to the RB. Simply put, there is a feeling that we "own" these guys that can not be underestimated. And that feeling is only bolstered by the fact that one of the "3" included last year's choke job where we kicked their butts for 3 1/2 quarters when we were 4-7.

2) Alex Brink has played well against these guys and ALREADY has won in the Rose Bowl. So, we aren't gonna see the 'Yips' that we saw in Reser where he was trying to shake off the deamons of years past. He ALREADY knows he can win down there. And, he'll do it again.

3) UCLA's offense is NOT as good as Oregon. Simply put, we shut those boys down with a 3-4 and with Tark and company until the game was already over. We'll effectively limit UCLA's O as well.

The only scenario that we lose this game is if we get smashed by a bunch of injuries to the defense or if Brink gets hurt. I don' t think either is gonna happen.

Cougs are gonna win this weekend and win big (but BEWARE of a resting Arizona and a let down next week!):

WSU 35 UCLA 24 (two UCLA scores happen in the 4th).
UCLA 23-21 (hawk)

Elsewhere (Hawks' picks below)
ASU 31 UW 17--UW comes back to life after inspired first game without Stanny. ASU becomes scary again.
UW 27, ASU 23

USC 38 OSU 6 (Bernard's injury makes Moore A LOT less)
USC 30, OSU 16

Oregon 116 PSU 81 (who cares!)
Oregon 45, PSU 13

Enjoy the game!!! Click here for more Comments

Trouble "Bruining" at UCLA?

The AOL preview is up. Read it if you dare......if you are too lazy to click? Just think about the kicking game and you can figure out what I think will happen.

Let me just say, this is a VERY difficult week to call for the Cougs. My gut isn't good for this week. I really haven't liked all the bowl talk, from Doba on the down the line, because yeah, beating Oregon was fun and I love that they are confident.....but we're still just 5-3. We haven't arrived at anything, yet. No other way to say it. I've been "popping my jersey" over doing so well picking WSU and UW for that matter, but I might bite the big one this week!

My football Friday picks:

UW 27, ASU 23 - UW saves their season against improving ASU
USC 30, OSU 16 - Yvenson Bernard is out? Forget it.
Oregon 45, PSU 13 - zzzzzzzzzzzz
UCLA 23, WSU 21 - Medlock over Langley

World's largest outdoor cocktail party - Florida 34, Georgia 17 Click here for more Comments

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Confidence Game

Hope that the Cougar Nation is enjoying this week of sitting at number 25 in SOMETHING for the first time in three years. Don't know about you all, but Brinkhater has been feeling like he's been on a Hawaiin vacation. Man, is beating Daisy, Daffy, and Donald sweeeet!

Now, onto UCLA.

Well, much to the chagrine of my detractors, this week's game really comes down ONCE AGAIN to the play of, well, Mr. Alex Brink.

Now, without invoking the ire of all of his fan club of three (as compared to my army of ONE), here are some pretty plain facts surrounding Mr. Alex:

1) His arm strength is too weak to beat elite competition.
2) He is MUCH better and effective when he has a running game.
3) He has NOT played with much confidence during his entire tenure with the program.

(I am BEGGING you all to stay with me here)

Now, I know that some of you are gonna argue about claim #1, but that point is really irrelevant because we aren't going to play anyone who is elite the rest of the way. So let's move on.

Point #2 is going to be of premium concern--at least for this weekend--because the Shmuck's run defense was TERRIBLE and you, me, and America know that UCLA's game plan is going to be to stop the run and play the "beat me Brink" game all day and night.

Which brings me to point #3: THE CONFIDENCE GAME.

When you look back on Alex's career objectively, he really hasn't had an opportunity to develop confidence not only as a QB, but as a leader. Consider:

Year 1: He inherits the job and gets bombed against the Beavs and SC. He recovers to play VERY well in the upset @ UCLA, then gets bombed against ASU, then plays well against a 1-10 UW team. Then, he heads into offseason competition with Swogs--the team's Captain.

Year 2: He wins job over Swogs and plays well in first three games. He then throws 900 picks against the Beavs (along with 7,000 yards) and the rest is history: despite a 1900 yard running back, we lose 7 straight (and we KNOW that the locker room was divided on him and Swogs). He doesn't fold, but the confidence just isn't high. THEN, he leads us to victory, on the road, against the Huskies. As this blog attests, I thought he broke through at that point. But then:

Year 3: He starts the year by playing HORRIBLY against Auburn. With the exception of SC, his limitations, the boo-birds, and the potential promise of Rogers just rattle Brink's cage to the bone. Mind you, all this time you see quotes that look like confidence from Brink, but really they are brash, arrogant comments from a really insecure kid (case-in-point following the Auburn loss, he says that was his "first" bad game.....) On top of that, Brink can't beat any of the elite. Hell, he can't beat ANYONE with a winning record. Plus, now the team can't score in the redzone.....BUT THEN,


This time, though, there is no offseason to stop the momentum like last year following the Huskies. Moreover, this breakthrough came with an injured J. Hill and without Cody Boyd. And, while it did not come against an Elite Team, it came against a RANKED team. And, this breakthrough was all about Brink.

Now, I still contend that Brink can not and will not beat anyone who is elite, but, again, he just doesn't have to now. And Brinkhater is now of the mind that Alex has stepped out and is now ready to play his game of efficiency and savy with the utmost success and results.

While the defensive injuries are certainly reason for pause, the rest of this season really comes down to offense and our ability to score. If we do, then 9-3 is possible, and even more than that, if 9-3 is possible, so is 10-3.

So, consider this message to recruits in the off-season, Cougar Nation:

10 win seasons in 4 of the last 6 years!

Yes, Cougar Nation that tagline is indeed possible. And, yes, Alex Brink is the guy to take us there.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Eat IT!

EAT IT BRINKHATER! (or is it Brink-LOVER now??) :)
I was just looking at the Play-by-Play on the final stat sheet...Brink was INCREDIBLE from the 2nd Q on. First Quarter he was 3-5, 24 yds and an INT. His first pass of the second Quarter was an incompletion...But after that incomplete pass (which was only a minute or two into the quarter), Brink went 17-17 for 155 yds and 2 TD. Except for the fumble, Brink played about as perfect as you could ask him to from the 2nd Q on today. Click here for more Comments

Time to think about the Holiday Bowl?

Kudos to Alex Brink and company for a resounding victory over Daisy, Daffy, and Donald. Besides the annual trouncing of the Huskies, there is NOTHING more satisfying than beating the new nation of arrogance, the Oregon Schmucks. Add a running game to a weak opposing defense, and little Alex becomes THE MAN. And so he was today, 20 of 23! That's lights out, people!

With the win, the Brink-led Cougs have clinched no-worse than a tie for the coveted NW championship, and in so doing, are ONE stinking win from bowl eligibility.

On top of that, win at UCLA next week, and we return home 6-3 to face an Arizona team to go 7-3. Do that, and we will find ourselves in the Top 25 again for the first time in 3 years!

That all said, with the injuries to the DTs and Brackenridge's hammy in tow, next week is going to be tough.

UCLA will be ANGRY after choking a lead to Notre Lame in South Bend, but if we weather the storm early, we'll be alright, cuz offensively they're just not that good and with the 3-4 and a healthy Tyrone, our D is THAT good!

Moreover, Brinkhater believes that the Brink-led offense now has confidence, momentum, and a lack of top quality opposition to slow Brink down. IF the DTs can come back by ASU, dare i say the Holiday Bowl is in site--assuming that CAL and USC go to the BCS with one loss records...

In any case, with 9-3 and 8-4 real possibilities now, its time to get excited again about Cougar football!

Brinkhater's no-brainer score for next week:

WSU 38 UCLA 27 (we win in the Rose Bowl, unless, of course, we're playing in the Rose Bowl)..

Enjoy the win Brinkhater army! Enjoy the win! Click here for more Comments

Friday, October 20, 2006


Hope everyone out there had a good week. Thankfully, its almost game time. And what a BIG game this is. (has anyone else forgotten what an ASSH%LE Bellotti is? After this one, Brinkhater may change his name to Duckhater. I Hate these guys!)

With Stanback's injury, our bowl hopes are nearly solidified, barring a complete and bizarre collapse. In other words, you can take Brinkhater's 6-6 pre-season prediction and KNOW that that is THE WORST that we are gonna do this year.

Instead, this weekend determines the possibility for what the UPSIDE of this season could look like. Don't know about you all, but despite the dissapointment of NOT beating any of the "big boys" on our schedule, it we win out, we finish 9-3! To put that record in perspective, last time I checked, the last great WSU football team ( 2003) finished with a record that was, well, like 9-3!

So, here's my take. Win this week, and I think you go down to the Rose Bowl and beat UCLA. Lose this game (especially if we lose by continuing our scoring struggles) and I think we lose next week as well.

Again, let me be clear: we lose the next two weeks and I still think we finish 6-6. But, win this week and i think Rooster's 8-4 pre-season pick becomes the worst case scenario.

While injuries are of chief concern right now, Brinkhater is VERY comfortable with Oregon's lack of a run defense. And, even with Cody Boyd out (note: if Boyd was healthy we'd KILL the Ducks this weekend), I still think we'll move the ball. And, despite the woes of weeks past, I think Brink steps out this week--especially with the threat of Rogers taking over a distant possibility because of injury. In short, Brink is gonna relax a bit this week, establish a good tempo with the running game, and we're gonna score!!!!!!!!!!!

Cougs make it interesting late, but win this game 28-27. Brink may wind up salvaging his legacy after all!

Other games:

UW 6 CAL 51
(Get ready for the new Jake the Snake after this debacle)

Arizona 21 Oregon State 17 (Dawg let down will be apperant after this one. The Beavs are NOT any good)

ASU 38 Stanford 0 (this game may wake up the sleeping SunDildos)

UCLA 28 Notre Dame 21 (Anyone else think the Irish are overrated?)

Enjoy the games! Click here for more Comments

Rooster's Reardan Review & Picks

I've got to get on the road to Pullman so I'm gonna make this quick. Oregon is always a major thorn in the side, I just have too many memories of Clemens burning us with that damn Coug linebackers over commit forward lateral thing that they do. Who know's how this one will end up the way both teams have been playing, so I'll make a uneducated, bias pick like usual.

WSU 24 UO 21
Cal 32 UW 24 - I hate to say it but if I had a bookie I would put big money on UW against the spread (23).
ASU 35 Stanford 10
Irish 35 UCLA 24
Beavs 30 Wildcraps 17

In Happier News, yours truley's Reardan High Indians are 6-0 in B-11 competition and have out scored their opponents 234-27. 3 of those games were shut outs. Obviously they are in possession of the #1 ranking... Again. Click here for more Comments

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Watch the video, then YOU tell ME

Part close attention to the scoring plays. Notice anything??

1) Literally every TD catch by Hill? One-on-one. Haven't seen that this year, maybe a handful of times. No question about it, that's the biggest change in the passing game this year, period.
2) Jerome Harrison?? Really, really, REALLY special. My God, what a frickin' player. I know the line was a big part of his success last year, but look at some of the moves and quickness and cuts. He just has a skill-set that doesn't exist in the program right now. We sure could use some of those 16 TD's!
3) Speaking of TD's......remember when we got into the endzone so much last year?? Boy I miss that.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Out with Leta Ford, In With Rooster

While I'm the first to admit that we have hit the MAJOR mid-season doledrums on this blog and with our football program, I am not ready to concede this blog to a GSL, Mead Panther sexual fantasy.

Sure, the first girl is cute. But the second two look like Leta Ford, on a bad day. Don't know about the rest of the geriatric Coug nation, but chicks decked out for a Twisted Sister show (okay a Scorpion's show with TS opening) do nothing for me.

Plus, we're all at the age where, conceivably, any of those girls could be our daughters, so it kind of creeps me out

So, until the nude AARP calendar comes out with hot chicks with saggy breasts pointed outward, lets just be the old fat guys that we are and talk sports.

How many weeks til basketball season? Click here for more Comments

Brinkhater?? BORING.

ENOUGH of all of Brinkhater's obsessive-compulsive disorder towards blaming everything that's wrong in the world, from the red zone struggles to North Korea, on good 'ol #10! How about some lovely WSU ladies?

That is all. Click here for more Comments

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Brinkhater Supports Brink?

Hope you all are nursing the hangover from Saturday's miserable offensive showing against CAL. While Brinkhater was not surprised by what happened on offense, he was VERY happy to see how the defense performed. Word from the CAL radio networks was that the Cougar defense was of "championship" quality. So, kudos to Akey and the group for coaching these kids up and for such a big turnaround from last year!

In terms of the "what can be done on offense" question, Brinkhater's response is "nothing." Rogers' injury aside, Brinkhater's take is that Brink should remain the starter for the rest of this year until one of three things happen:

1) The season is over (at which point the coaches should hang up his cleets hopefully FOREVER)
2) The team loses its seventh game.
3) Injury (which NO ONE wants).

Simply put, the poor performance against Baylor (which should have given mop-up time to Gary) and Rogers' illness against Stanford prohibited Gary from getting the type of game experience he needed to function adequately THIS season. As was seen yesterday (and please remember the kid hadn't played since Baylor), Rogers is very green and like ALL QBs in the WSU system, the break-in period is pretty laden with uneven and even awful performances.

So, while Brink has shown that he has failed to become what his supporters thought he would be (and became everything that Brinkhater knew he would be), he still represents the best shot that this team has of winning this season. And, now that the heavyweights are all-but gone, there DOES still exist the possibility of running the table the rest of the way--especially now that we KNOW that the D will keep us in games no matter who the opposition is!

With that in mind, onward to Oregon. Like Brinkhater noted two days ago, we are going to win this game. I fully expect Brink to bounce back en route to a 28-27 thriller.

Have a great week and please post if you know of a way to get radio coverage of the game via the net or other free sources... Click here for more Comments

Friday, October 13, 2006

Football Friday: Week IV (e.g. Just Wait Til Next Week!)

Happy Football Friday!

Well, tomorrow marks the start of the second half of the season, the half that will mark whether the Cougs are top flight, upper division, middle of the pack, or near bottom feeder. In other words, this is the half of the season where the real Cougs will finally stand up. Simply put: despite playing two top 5 teams in the first month, cupcake city is now officially history. And I actually think that its fair to say that we really don't know how good this team is (or is not).

Now, onto tomorrow's game....

As the header should indicate, this week just is NOT going to be pretty. In fact, it is going to be sssssssooo ugly, that Brinkhater just HAD to post a reminder that the sun will come up on Sunday. Yes, despite the HORRIBLE hangover that will loom in the Sunday fishwrap, this much is true:


I may choose to ignore this prediction next week after the ensuing debacle actually occurs, but rest assured Cougar faithful, we will be 5-3 heading into the Rose Bowl on October 28.

That all said, I've thought long and hard about the upset call. When you think about how HIGH Cal is coming off the Oregon game, coupled with our underwhelming performance in the Chipmumk classic (who Cal treated like a high school team the week before) and you have the recipe for a horror show if your a Bears fan. I kept harkening back to the last Rose Bowl campaign where we struggled HORRIBLY against a BAD Arizona team in a 13-10 ugly fest that was VERY reminiscent of last Saturday. And so I thought: you know, we just may surprise the hell out of people--especially if we can muster a few touchdowns early!

But, in the end, my gut says that CAL may just be the real deal. But, the deal is NOT whether or not we can stop their O (because the D will hold their own if not on the field forever), its whether or not we can score.

My prediction is that we sputter and flail for one more week--then put it together quite nicely next week.

CAL 41 WSU 13 (This score is high for CAL because I think we won't score. If we score 31 or higher, we win)

Other games (Rooster in Bold)

Cal 32 Cougs 20

Huskies 41 OSU 10 (Yes, the Beavs ARE that bad)
Huskies 35 Beavs 27

Oregon 28 UCLA 24

Oregon 42 UCLA 24

ASU 28 USC 27 (Brinkhater may have found what the Brink Babies have been smokin'!)

USC 38 ASU 24

UA 31 Stanford 3 (yes Stanford is THAT bad)
UA 23 Stanford 6

Enjoy the games!

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Lawson CAN see the game after all!

Just drive to Berkeley:

GO COUGS! Click here for more Comments

Probably Gotta Take Cal

Besides Tad, congratulations go out to Chris Dorsh for making it on the Cougmail Oregon vs. WSU Gametime email. Looking good D.

Like I told Hawk earlier this week, If you told me Cal was going to beat us 2 weeks ago after we just got done playing with USC, I would have thrown out the Corso's "Not So Fast My Friend". (By the way did anyone watch Gameday last weekend and see the sign over Herbstreits shoulder that said Corso Hearts and then there was a diagram of the male genetalia. Ever once in a while live TV throws you a little bone like that.) But after seeing the Cougs struggle with OSU last week and Cal dismantle Oregon, I'm at the point of just hoping we play them close. Hawk is earning his money on AOL with all the analysis. I would just like to throw in that we might have a chance tomorrow if we bring back the deep ball. Tennessee killed Cal with that and that is how the Cougs kept themselves in the game last year.

I don't have my hopes up, probably gotta take Cal.

Cal 32 Cougs 20

Huskies 35 Beavs 27

Oregon 42 UCLA 24

USC 38 ASU 24

UA 23 Stanford 6

Hope the fella's prove me wrong! Go Cougs!

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AOL preview for Cal; Tad Richardson quoted in Go-2-Guy; King Diamond worst metal band EVER?

The AOL deal is up and running for this week. Check it out. Yes, it's long and drawn-out, but it gives you the size of the mountain that we must climb this week.

Oh yeah, just when you thought it was bad? It's worse. Charles Harris is doubtful for Saturday after someone fell on his ankle on Wednesday. O'Conner moves to tackle most likely. GREAT.

The obligatory "if you're too lazy to click" for the preview, here's the gist. We BETTER start fast, ala UCLA last year and hope that Cal comes out flat after their emotional win over the Quack Attack last week. And we better keep them under 30 points, or we can forget it. I would like our chances a lot more if we weren't so friggin' beat up (starting the excuse machine a little early maybe??), but no matter how many times I went through it, I just can't see a win this week. Cal is the real deal fellas, no other way to say it. Their streak of 40+ points per game will end this week, but that's about the only thing that will be suspenseful. At least I'll get to see the game live (thanks Rooster!).

My Football Friday picks:
CAL 37, WSU 24 - They are just overwhelming
OSU 19, UW 17 - shocker upset of the week, but I don't think UW is over the USC loss. Trap game written all over it.
Oregon 33, UCLA 16 - Ducks strike back, UCLA is overrated.
USC 30, ASU 17 - The USS Koetter continues to sink
AZ 11, Stanford 9 - YUCK

Nice job Tad of getting in the Go-2-Guy's column today, in regards to Jim Moore saying UW is better than WSU right now:
From Tad Richardson: "How 'bout a big dose of 'Get the (bleep) outta here' and (get the) Cougar pride back. Is it April 1st? You're better than that, Jimbo."

Finally, a funny Youtube about the worst metal band ever:

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Osama Brinkhater Laden?

First of all, thank you to the two people who set a record 15 or 16 posts to Brinkhater's obituary on the Chipmunk classic. Very good work. Keep the posts comin'.

Speaking of which, check this post out from one of our anonymous readers:

"Your work here has come up and they are on the hunt for you! Watch out looser!"

Watch our looser? What ever happened to "watch out tighter?" Come on now, anony--you're better than that!

In terms of the content of those posts, well, I hope that you Brink Babies will let me in to what you all are smokin', cuz its pretty darn powerful stuff. And I SURE COULD use a little diversion from the full-on debacle we are gonna witness in this season's last half (as my friend Matt Allen said on the way back from pledge sneak after the Cougs hit 6-1 in '89--"we're not winning another game this year").

So, before Vinny and Rocko sick me out of my hiding place in the Pakistani mountains, lets make a few points and assumptions clear:

1) Brinkhater is fine with 6-6 seasons. He's even fine with consecutive losing seasons.


2) Brinkhater wants his team to contend for a title (e.g. 1st, 2nd or 3rd place) at least every third year.


3) The formula for winning every few years has been solidified by this program for nearly 20 years because every 3 years we bring along a STUD QB. Not an average QB, but A STUD QB.

Now, lets get to reality:

This season is not over. In fact, its barely 1/2 over. So, to all you Brink Babies out there: there's still a whole half a season to take my moniker and shove it up my big buttoniker.

Now, lets get to the facts at hand where the first 1/2 of the season is concerned:

1) In two full seasons of starting (and we're well into his 3rd season) Alex has beaten NO ONE worth a damn. That's not to say that it is all his fault, its just a fact. NO ONE.

2) We have 4 "big" wins this year. And they were "big" because they were wins. BUT, All 4 wins were against BAD football teams. Last year, we were 3-0 against BAD teams and then lost every game when we started playing teams that were not BAD--until we concluded the season with another BAD team and won. From here out, with the exception of Arizona (and maybe ASU), there are NO bad football teams left.

3) We have struggled to score in every game save the Spuds with a third year QB and a host of talent at the skilled positions. Again, these struggles have occured against teams that just aren't any good. Again, that's a fact.

4) Brink has played ONE good game all year. And, he played well against SC no doubt. At the same time, a solid case can be made that we didn't win because Brink didn't deliver in the red zone. That's just a fact. QBs ARE the ones who are held responsible for delivering--especially when the team exhibits the ability to move the ball up and down the field.

5) These combined factors suggest that the rest of the season is in doubt. Again, I could be wrong. Hope I'm wrong. But let this be clear:


Some other staff members of this blog disagree. I, obviously, have a higher standard.

So, there you have it. Win one of the next two and a solid 9-3 or 8-4 campain is in site and Brinkhater can be hung by his toe nails in Guantanamo. Lose the next two and we sit looking at 6-6, with a graduating defense, and a QB returning for ANOTHER YEAR of this same ole crap????

Go through the last two years of archives and see the SAME OLE BANTER about this kid. Well, Brink BABIES we're all gonna find out who's right over the next three weeks. We're all gonna find out. Click here for more Comments

Sunday, October 08, 2006

What The...?

Where did the offense that scored 22 on USC go? The defense obviously played great* but man what happened to our offensive line. They couldn't get any holes opened for the Cougs to establish a running game and keep the Beavs honest. Then came the blitz which they countered with little resistance. Cougs are just lucky they were able to make some big plays in between OSU sending the house.

How about in the red zone... P-f'ing-U. At least 3 times they couldn't score except for 1 FG. 2 of those times they had 1st downs inside the 3. If they would have scored 2 of the 3 times that would have made it 27-6 which is more like the score I was expecting. I couldn't agree more with Brinkhater that you need to give Woolridge the ball in those situations. That's what he's built for.

* Anybody else tired of watching teams pick the Cougs deep zone apart with one receiver. I'm not so scared of our corners going man anymore. Especially Brackenridge, that guy is under-rated as hell. It's easier to see how good he is when your at the game. He is all over the field, playing more like a safety and putting the bonnet to anyone. He's fearless.

Speaking of fearless, Darryl Blunt is my new favorite Coug. Getting in scuffles with other teams before the game and putting his head down on a Beav at the end of his run yesterday. He's a scrapper. He has a good leg too.

Comments on the Huskies & Other Stuff:
1) Stanback had a lot of balls dropped yesterday. They could have won that game just as easily as we could have last week.
2) You would think Jarrett and Smith going out of the game would have been an advantage for the Huskies. I felt it worked against them because the Trojans just started running over the top of them at that point.
3) How well they played combined with how poorly the Cougs played really put a knot in my gut yesterday. (Which is still there) I'm starting to balk on my 8-4 prediction. There are still 6 teams in competition for the Pac-10. It is going to be interesting.

If someone has it, would you please email me or post a picture of Steve Dildine with his helmet off at yesterday's game. It should look alot like Shrek with chops and a handlebar mustache. I'm pretty sure that was Dildine... whoever it was, it was a great look. Click here for more Comments


Well, congrats are in order to the Cougar defense for getting that RESER MONKEY off our backs (you Husky fans probably won't get that pun for obvious reasons). Really a solid performance from that group--particularly the front 3 and their ability to tackle Bernard and allow the LBs to sag a bit into coverage. I think I read this morning that WSU is now a leader in the nation in sacks. When you consider how little we've blitzed up until yesterday, well, that's really an accomplishment. The D is certainly much farther along than we would have thought.

In terms of the offense, well....what can you say? I am hoping that what we saw was a HUGE case of the "yips" that was fueled by a "we can't lose this game" mentality. Otherwise, the rest of the season is really in question.

Alex Brink, although his numbers look good, was simply not good. And, as I told Sedihawk last night, we have two weeks to see whether or not he's already hit the ceiling of his upside. Simply put: a third year QB in our system, with our talent, musters MUCH more than one touchdown against a cellar dwellar type team. Mark my words Cougar Nation: The Beavs finish no better than 9th.

So, next week will be a huge test. Bet the farm that every team from here on out will stack the line, blitz, and make Brink beat them. Either he will adjust, or its gonna be real, real tough to watch--especially with the effort we'll see on D.

While a very good season is still possible for us, right now it looks like the three game stretch of UCLA, Arizona, and the Sundildos will define the season. Gotta win two out of those three.

Other notes:

1) Congrats Husky nation. Despite being a good football team (man that hurts to admit), you still managed to show ABSOLUTE incompetence when it mattered most. Although you had nearly a minute to organize yourselves on the Trojan 15, you couldn't accomplish the most important thing: TELL YOUR OFFENSIVE LINE TO GET DOWN AND SNAP THE BALL WHEN THE WHISTLE BLOWS TO START THE CLOCK. Instead, Stanback goes into a "hut, hut, hut, hut, game over, hut, hut, hut, hike" thing that was just too funny. (if i was a dawg fan I would be sick for a week).

2) How the CAL game is not on tv is just a mystery. Maybe I'll be glad I missed it, but why the CRAP-10 isn't hyping their best shot at a National Champion is simply beyond me.

3) Anyone else notice how much we've GAINED in the punting department. I thought we'd miss Basler BADLY, instead we may be better. Although not talked about, THE IMPROV on the punt that would have been blocked that turned into a first down in the first half might have been THE PLAY of the game.

4) HAND THE BALL TO THE BOWLING BALL EVERY TIME INSIDE THE FIVE. Woolridge may wind up being a 25 carry for 25 yard back, but he'll get a yard every single time. When you're on the 3 or the 4, give him the ball, again, again, and again. It sure as hell beats east-west playcalling, AND, it provides a different look than Brink throwing an out/fade to Hill that now EVERYONE will look for. Give Woolridge the stinkin ball.

Hope you all have a great week. Hopefully, the coaching staff and baby Alex can make some adjustments in relation to the blitz. If we do, this season could still be solid. If we don't, we may have seen one of our last two wins of the year. Click here for more Comments

Friday, October 06, 2006

Football Friday: Week 6

Well, we've reached the halfway point of the season. Win this weekend, and we are WELL on our way toward the 8-4 season that soothsayer Rooster predicted early on.

Not much to add in terms of the breakdown of this game. WSU is a much better football team. So, its gonna come down to the RBs holding onto the football and Brink playing a decent game.

Personally, I think that this game is going to be a blow-out. I think you'll see the Beavs come out strong early and then get HAMMERED by the Cougs.

Brinkhater's pick:

WSU 38 Chipmunks 17

WSU 42 Beavs 28 (Rooster)

Elsewhere (Rooster's picks added):

CAL 31 Oregon 30
Oregon 32 Cal 28

USC 31 Washington 10
USC 45 UW 32

Bruins 21 Wildcats 20
Bruins 24 Wilcats 10

Notre Dame 63 Stanford 3
Notre Dame 45 Stanford 3

Enjoy our rise to 4-2, and if we lose, get ready for Brinkhater to formally deploy the Brinkhater Army's nuclear arsenal. Click here for more Comments

Insert Beaver Joke Here

I had lots of tacky headlines dreamed up and decided to go the classy route. Which I have a hard time doing.

First of all I just couldn't believe how well the Cougs played last week. That is the only loss I've been able to go back and watch again let alone wanted to go back and watch. My only worry is that USC played the same way the Hawks did against Chicago last week. With Arizona being in it for most of the game the previous week against USC and with how the Cougs faired, I just have to believe that they are one or two notches down on the mighty scale from last year. Albeit still mighty. If the team can get up for the Beavs like they did against USC, execute and play without penalties or mistakes like they did, I can't help but feel confident that the Cougs will put it to the Beavers in a punishing manor. Okay I used one of my potential headlines there. You can read all about the specifics of why on Brinkhater and Hawks posts.

I refuse to believe that UW has a chance to play with USC but I also hate it when Hawk has a "funny feeling". Therefore, I'm going to give UW some repect when I pick their losing score. Here we go:

WSU 42 Beavs 28
Oregon 32 Cal 28
USC 45 UW 0 - Just kidding UW 32
Bruins 24 Wilcats 10
Notre Dame 45 Stanford 3

I apologize to everyone ahead of time if I'm really the only one left to carry this blog. I'll try to at least have one criticism of Brink per week in your honor Dr. Click here for more Comments

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Week 6 AOL preview up, plus weekly picks

Check it out. If you are too lazy to click the link, Brinkhater has a good feel for it below. I went with Cougs 34, Beavs 30, as I think OSU will be playing for their lives. And it's never a comfortable experience down in Corvallis. But that's just me.

I'll try and help out more around here with posting, but the AOL stuff just takes so much of my time. Hang in there fellas, but I'll try and keep up!

Here's my Football Friday thoughts a day early.....

WSU 34, OSU 30 - WSU o-line, running game lack of mistakes at QB will be the difference
Cal 31, Oregon 30 - Great game between two serious conference contenders
UW 33, USC 24 - I got a funny feeling this one is going to be far too close for comfort in LA.
UCLA 27, Arizona 13 - Arizona is really, well, they aren't good OK!?!
Notre Dame 55, Stanford 11 - Why even bother. Ugly, ugly game. Click here for more Comments

Dr. Brinkhater

Well, this week began my personal quest to become Dr. Brinkhater. Unfortunately for the Brinkhater army, this quest comes at the expense of this blog. Time to pick up the pieces, Mr. Rooster.

In any case, suffice to say that this weekend is the swing game of the year. Win this one, and barring injury, you hit Brinkhater's pre-season prediction of 6-6 (at worst) and may even head to Rooster's prediction of 8-4 (Hawk was right in the middle at 7-5). In other words, win this weekend, and you're headed for Hawaii on Christmas Eve.

The fate of this weekend's game rests on the two much maligned QBs, Moore and Brink. In this game, give WSU all the talent advantages that money can buy. Brink is obviously far superior to Moore in the moxy and execution department. You can give a slight edge to the Chipmumks on Bernard as an individual talent, but the Cougs winning the battle of the runnng game with a superior O-Line and running back depth...

This is a game that the Cougs should win handily (like a couple of TDs) barring turnovers. Simply put, if Brink takes care of the ball, Tardy holds the ball, and the special teams are okay, we win. With turnovers, we are in real trouble.

It will be a fun game to watch this weekend. Win, and we're probably getting TV coverage for the next couple of weeks--which is all that Brinkhater could ask for.

Staff predictions tomorrow. Click here for more Comments