Saturday, September 30, 2006

Just Win Next Week!

First of all, congratulations to the Cougar program for a heck of a game tonight. It was a really fun game to watch.

All in all I think that most Cougar fans had to be struck with four key points in this game:

1) How fricking well coached this team is.
2) How well we run the ball-which is why we were in the game.
3) How improved the defense is.
4) How well Alex Brink played.

Obviously, the games was lost on the fumble at the 20 that wasn't recovered in the 4th quarter, as well as the maddening pick up of the holding penalty that quite frankly smells foul.

That all said, its time to buckle down and go get a win in Corvallis. Win that game and the bowl season becomes real attainable. Win big and there's a lot of fun football left to played!

But tonight the program re-arrived and Alex Brink showed that while his talent is certainly limited, he played like a winner tonight as did the entire team. And that is what we've been looking for all along. Click here for more Comments

Friday, September 29, 2006

New Uniform Ad - More to it Than Just Uniforms?

So this showed up in the Evergreen today, and right in line with the press release, "Crimson and Gray in a whole new way.....uh-oh. It looks like a Crimson chest with gray sleeves with a screaming Cougar on the sleeve, and they look REALLY tight! I guess if it makes it harder to hold your opponent, and if the kids like 'em and all, that's great....I guess. And, if you look in the top-right of the chest of the player, you see an "S", so it probably says Cougars across the top.

I don't want to over-react, but there is an Oregon feel to them, just from a picture like that. They look like they are moving to that futuristic Ducky feel. I guess we'll see around 4 PM tomorrow!

But, what if tomorrow, there is something MORE about all this? What if it's more than just a new uniform? Did you know the President of Russell Athletics has been on campus all week? And if you try and view the Russell Athletics website, right now, it says to check back soon for more information? Yet recently they had a full-blown website, and had pics of the WSU football uniforms from the 2003 Rose Bowl? Hmmm......then you realize that Auburn cancelled their contract with Russell this year and went with UnderArmour, well, maybe something is going on here. I know we've been looking for naming rights to the field and/or stadium for some time in the form of corporate sponsorship, ala Reser Stadium in Corvallis, but haven't found a taker.....or have we? Click here for more Comments

Football Friday: Week V

So, we finally reach the big weekend. While next week's game is really the swing game of the season, this weekend will tell us a lot about where the Cougs are headed. Simply put: a blowout loss at home this weekend puts the rest of the season in serious doubt. However, play USC close and you come out of this one with A LOT of momentum and confidence heading into Corvallis and a lot of confidence going into home tilts with the Quack and "Da Bears."

After much deliberation and tumult, Brinkhater is painfully going with the blowout loss call. That said, let me be clear: despite the moniker, Brinkater is going to be the BIG BRINKROOTER on Saturday. Unfortunately, I just don't have confidence in his ability to play against fast teams, and I don't think the coaches are gonna bench him in this one until the game is out of hand.

Obviously, I hope I'm wrong and that this is Alex Brink's major coming out party.

This one will be like the Auburn Game for a quarter, then the wheels fall off due to turnovers.

Staff Predictions (Brinkhater-Red; Rooster-BOLD; Hawk-Normal)
USC 45 WSU 14
USC 38 Cougs 21
USC 31 Cougs 20

Wildcats 28 UW 27
Wildcats 28 UW 24
Cats 24 Dogs 20

Oregon 38 ASU 17
Oregon 42 Sundildos 36
ASU 35 UO 34

CAL 41 OSU 10
Cal 36 Beavs 30
Cal 48 Beavs 27

UCLA 54 Stanford 6
Bruins 24 Stanford 10
UCLA 42 Stanford 13

Ohio State 24 Iowa 7
Bucs 31 Iowa 20
Ohio State 27 Iowa 23 Click here for more Comments

Back From Biloxi

So I had a great time in Biloxi, MS last week. Mostly because I got away from my desk and wore toolbags for a week. You can get the kid out of Reardan but you can't get the blue-collar Reardan hick out of the kid. There isn't enough cyberspace to describe everything I saw but it was pretty amazing (in a bad way) how much devistation still exists down there just over a year later. Apparently there was a 10' wall of water that rushed through Biloxi and didn't go down for 7 or so hours. People survived by waiting it out in there attics or on their roofs, with neighbors bodies floating by and Cottonmouths and Water Mocassins (both very deadly snakes) swimming around. We drove along the beach between Biloxi and Gulfport and saw tons of buildings just leveled. There were also a lot of concrete front steps that lead to nothing. I'll try to get some picture posted sometime soon.

So I may sound like a jerk by saying I had fun but the attitude of the people we were helping was great. One of the ladies we helped has been visited by President Bush twice which a couple of our guys actually recognized her from the news. The other lady we helped was a cook at the local casino (there are 4 or 5 Vegas sized casino's down there) and she cooked us up some real deal southern BBQ for lunch on our last day. She was out BBQ'ing at 7:30am when we showed up so you can imagine how good that was by noon. I've never eaten as much meat as I did down there. I came back with a raging case of Gout.

Anyhoo, Cougar football... Think about it from USC's eye's. They have young DB's and the Cougs have a handful of weapons at receiver. They have to make a decision about protecting against the pass by either getting those corner's some help or blitzing the heck out of Brink. I'm with Brinkhaters original call that they are going blitz big time at least to start the game. Brink hasn't proved he can handle it yet and the Cougs have a couple big men missing from the OL. Maybe USC hasn't had to blitz a lot yet but they haven't played a passing attack like the Cougs have yet. Correct me if I'm wrong but I never think of passing offense when I hear Nebraska and Aransas' names. The good thing is that the Cougs have a good running game to keep them honest. Having said that I think the play of our OL is going to be critical. I bet they wear down and the game goes from close to a blow out in the 4th quarter...

USC 38 Cougs 21
Wildcats 28 UW 24
Oregon 42 Sundildos 36
Cal 36 Beavs 30
Bruins 24 Stanford 10

Bucs 31 Iowa 20 Click here for more Comments

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Let's Kick Some Booty!

Greatings Coug lovers as well as the mighty Brinkhater army! Hope you're all having a good week!

In terms of this week's game with the mighty Trojans, well, there's not a lot to say beside what you can find via Sedihawk on the AOL blog (just head to the right and click to see what I mean). Great coverage there, Hawk!

In terms of Brinkhater's take on things.........well, because Brinkhater has no life and no friends, I strolled on over to the site last night and watched Pete Carrol's press conference. Two quick notes:

1) Carrol spoke highly of Alex Brink.
2) Carrol spoke very highly of his team and talked with great enthusiasm about how much better they're gonna get from here on out (SCARY!).

In no uncertain terms, he thinks this team--and the defense espcially--are headed for BIG THINGS.

After watching the press conference, I found myself wondering about why I should even spend time watching the game on Saturday, but then I got clear:

Maybe the Cougs shouldn't win this game, but they damn well should be in this game.

When you hear Carrol talk about this defense, you realize that he has a "special, aggressive group" (you realize this because he repeats it over and over). However, Cougar fans should take great solace in the fact that unlike Mike Price coached teams, this group of coaches know how to run AT speed. Want an example? Look at Woolridge's first half numbers versus Auburn, or J. Smith's numbers against Texas.

So, once again, the game's make-up comes down to Alex Brink. USC is gonna blitz, blitz, blitz. To quote Bob Dole: "you know it, I know it, the American people know it." So, if the O-line buys a minute, and if Alex can see over the top, the middle is gonna be WIDE OPEN all day long. However, if Alex decides to scramble and throw laterally all day, well, its gonna be a long day--the kind that we saw against Auburn and well, USC last year as well.

Like the Auburn game, the defense will hold up to the extent that the offense keeps them off the field. In the end, given USC's clear advantage in talent, this SHOULD be a 34-21 USC win with the Trojans pulling away with a late touchdown. Will this type of game eventuate? Will we be able to score? Will Brink begin his coming out party? Will Rogers move the team if given the chance?

Stay tuned for staff predictions tomorrow on Football Friday. Click here for more Comments

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Anyone who knows Northwest College football, knows and remembers the famous Don James addage: "when you get to the endzone, act like you've been there before."

So, to the Seattle Times, the Montlake Tyee goonsquad, and "Roy" who posted earlier, I say "act like you've frickin won a game before" before you bring that weak ass smack to this blog...

Don't get me wrong, beating UCLA was great for the pups. But, lets keep it in perspective: this was a UCLA team that should have been up 28-0 before the Tyee faithful finished docking their sailboats in that tasty Lake Washington millfoil. This was also a team that lost.........umm.....hmmmm...who did they lose?.......did they lose anyone????

Oh yeah, they only lost their QB, their all-world RB Drew, and the Mercedes of Tight Ends (oh, he was an All-American, wasn't he?)

And another thing: was UCLA a top 25 team? Oh....they weren't.....

So, spare us the rant Dawg fans, you've done nothing so far and are STILL NOTHING despite a having a program that happened to have a GREAT run in the late 70's and early 80's before falling flat in the last half of that decade...Oh, and you had a great run there in the 90's, if it wasn't for a minor technicality:


Oh yeah, then you had good season in the start of this decade if it wasn't for another, small technicality:


So, in the meantime, Probation Nation, enjoy the rest of your soon-to-be losing season.

In terms of the Cougs, well Brinkhater was 1/2 right in my assessment yesterday:


What I missed was:


Nothing quite like seeing that vaunted Baylor D hold Army to 27 en route to a 27-20 loss.
Wow does that 17-15 win look good now, or what?

In any case, one thing that all Cougar fans can now revel in:

Determining how good we are through the laws of transitivity is now over for this season (for you Huskies out there, that means that if a>b and b>c, then assuming that both are postive integers.........)

In other words, the "lets find out how good we are by weighing how who we played faired against other known/common opponents....) is OVER!!! And thank god, cuz judging by what has happened so far, we just don't look very good....And yes, anony-mouse I do blame Brink.


I pick up the paper this morning in Sacatomatoes and read about how Sac State's coach thinks that Josh Swogger is an NFL QB. I hear him on the radio and hear about how he has the biggest arm and best accuracy of any QB his teams have played against.

Ask yourself Brink lovers, when you have heard ONE FRICKING COACH outside of Pullman say anything about Brink that way? My guess: You never will.

But, mark my words, NO ONE in America wants to be more wrong than a guy named Brinkater. With that in mind, I doth profess to you all:


Hopefully, we will rise this weekend, and Mr. Alex will shut me up for the first time in TWO YEARS.

So, to all you Brink lovers and Husky fans out there, I give you this week's version of Brinkhater Trivia:

What teams has Alex Brink beat in college that went on to have winning records:

2004 UCLA 6-5
2005 Nevada (who cares that they had a winning record!)

So, I am sorry when a "B" performance against a soon-to-be 0-12 team (and yes, they will be 0-12) doesn't get me excited.

That all said, beating USC this weekend will give me the TASTIEST crow dinner that money can buy.

And it goes without saying, I can't wait for that black-bird-pie!

And in case you're wondering: yes, I've been there before. Click here for more Comments

Saturday, September 23, 2006

As Good As Navy!

Last week, it was Navy 37-9...this week it's WSU 36-10. Guess what Cougar faithful?:

We're as good as Navy!!!!

Couple of quick hits on our last win of the year:

The defense sounded like it was more than suffocating. One minute it was Bruce being an assasin based on his skills and moxy. The next minute it was Bruce hitting Edwards again because, as the Stanford announcers put it, "There hasn't been a receiver open all day."

While Stanford is considerably short of being a juggernaut, this D is certainly MUCH better than adverstised. If the Offense was as good as we thought it would be (in terms of point production), we might be special.

But the big line for the announcers: "You know, this Washington State team feels like it should be much better than it is. They have all of these athletes and weapons but there is something missing."

Also: Harris on the postgame show spoke glowingly about how much more physical we were than last year, how talented the receiving corps and how much depth we have in the running game.

However, not ONCE did I hear one word about Alex, except when Harris commented that "well, their QB has some experience..."

Well, next week is the week for us and Alex to prove himself. USC has shown itself to be mortal tonight and Jarret is injured.

With a drunk crowd and national tv audience, this is the week for Alex to put it together and show why the coaches have put all of thier faith and marbles in his transum.

Its time for him to step forward....lets see if he will.

3-1 and facing a top 3 USC on "the tee vee?"

I'll take it! Click here for more Comments

Friday, September 22, 2006

Football Friday: Week 4

Hard to believe that we are already one quarter of the way through the season. IF all holds true to form the rest of the way, we are headed smack dab for Rooster's prediction of 8-4. Ah, at least we have the freedom to dream!

For a good rundown of the match-ups to watch this week, check out Sedihawk's analysis over at AOL. Its got all you need to know.

That said, in case you're like Brinkhater and are too lazy to move your mouse a half an inch to the right, then suffice to say that Stanford is the worst in the nation at stopping the run. They also, statistically, cannot run the ball either. Not a good combination.

Bottom line: Not only can the Trees not stop the run, they can't stop the pass either as Brinkhater witnessed in person last week. They play WAY off of the WRs--which fits perfectly into Brink's favorite type of passing game. Moreover, as Brinkhater indicated earlier in the week, Stanford's speed is just atrocious.

So, this is a week that you will see Alex Brink LIGHT IT UP! Expect Hill, Bumpus, and the whole crew to take short bubble screens and out passes to the house as well as a few long balls to J. Hill along the way. If Brink doesn't have 300 yards passing and 3TDs Brinkhater will be SHOCKED. This truly is his type of game. He'll shine.

May have missed it on the blow-out call last week, but this week the Cougs will absolutely roll (we're not gonna get to what it means if they don't):

WSU 49 Stanford 10

In other games:

(Rooster's Takes are Presented below in Bold)
USC 41 Mildcats 10 (USC underrated, UA progress totally overrated)
USC 54 Wildcats 22

Cal 41 ASU 21 (One QB is gonna show himself to be in for a dissapointing year)
Cal 32 Sundildos 23

Beavs 61 Idaho 17 (No Class Beavs Run Up Score)
Beavs 42 Idaho 28

UW 28 UCLA 27 (Damn it, Damon!)
Bruins 45 UW 21

Enjoy our journey to 3-1! Click here for more Comments

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Maybe its not "the shoes" my g's, its "the name" that makes the man..

Tommy V of SI has just finished a great piece on the Yanks and our favorite loser Alex (e.g. Gay Rod.)

Gay Rod's newest and best-yet line in explaining why he gets "cracked on" by fans and the media:

"Maybe its because I'm good looking, or bi-racial, or that I play for the most popular team..."

Whatever (with the "l" loser sign on my big ole forehead)

Maybe its because you make a ton of jack and have won exactly NOTHING in your entire career that people are busting your self-purported "beautiful" balls. Must say, though, that when I saw him hit that Jack in Yankee stadium in game 1 of the ALCS in 2000, he was the man. He should have NEVER left the M's. What a puss!

Back to the Cougs: According to Glenn Kasses at the SR, Ahmu could and should be back this week--meaning that as the O tries to buy a vowel and a clue, the D is starting to get healthy.

Very weird. If you would have asked any of us how this season would shape up, I think we would have resoundingly compared this group more to 92 than 94.

That said, by no means is this defense in the same ballpark or league as 94, and by no means is the offesnse as BAD as 94 (Chad Davis is the worst QB in my book to have started a full season at WSU in the last 20 years), but to think that after three games that the D would be ahead of the O? Come on!

And to the Alex Brink fan club, I say in the true spirit of Frankie-goes-to-Hollywood "Relax, don't do it, when you wanna suck to it...."

There will be plenty of opportunity for little Alex to show his mettle over the next five games. If he does, then the boo birds and critiques will be silenced.

If he doesn't........ Click here for more Comments

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


With news conferences slated for this afternoon, today marks the official start of conference play. And so we begin the "Drive for Five." Meaning: we need five more wins to ensure a bowl invitation for the first time in three years.

However, despite the apperant tenability of this milestone, the HMS Brinkhater, who moonlights as a Soothsayer of the soothiest sorts, predicts the following:

After this weekend, the Cougs will win two more games for the rest of the year.

Yes, Cougar fans, prepare yourselves for a long, miserable 5-7 losing season. In other words, let the drive for five begin.

Why such negativity from an otherwise positive (cough! cough!) guy?

Its simple: Our offense is just not very good. That much has been shown despite rumblings about how good Baylor may be. When you add the mounting injuries to the offensive line that are showing themselves now and will be worse by October 8, and well, you have the recipe for some serious struggles (especially when you factor how bad our kicking game is and how much pressure that puts on the offense)..

With that all in mind, we open it up to you, our two anonymous (okay, our ONE anonymous) reader-posters to unravel the riddle of our current offensive, here's the question:

What statement is more true?:

a) Alex Brink is the worst QB to play at WSU over the last twenty years with 8 or more starts.

b) This current receiving corps (Hill, Bumpus, Jordan, Gipson, Dillon, and Boyd) is the most overrated group in the past 20 years of Cougar football.

If its A, what can be done about it? When does Doba and Company pull the plug on little Alex? If its B, what adjustments can you, or do you make, to make the offense more productive and effective?

Enjoy the week. Weekend predictions come Friday. Click here for more Comments

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Onward Brinkhater Nation!

First of all, a big thank you out there to the 45,000 faithful who resoundingly demonstrated that the Brinkhater army is alive and well. A message to the faithful:



Ya know, I almost started to feel better about things (e.g. Alex) today after talking to Sedihawk and hearing about all of the things that Brink did well--including the game winning drive. I mean, I actually started to think that things may not be so bad afterall.

Then, I realized: hey, we're talkin about BAYLOR here--a team that hasn't been to a bowl since (GULP!) 1994. And I'm somehow supposed to celebrate a 2 point nipping at home--when our D only gave up 7 points?????

So, I used "the new math" and put two and two together. And you know what? Time and time again, I still came up with five!!!!!

Look at it this way: in two games against teams not named Idaho, the Cougs have averaged a WHOPPING 15 points a game! Yes, that's right, 15 points, despite having arguably the best and deepest group of receivers that we've ever had. ...

But, wait there's more. When you take the two touchdowns engineered by Rogers in both of these games and take them out of the equation, you get the incredible statistic of how "good" Alex Brink has been.

The offense's average point production when he's playing anyone but the Spuds (drum roll please):

8.5 points a game.

Are you fricking kidding me?

That said, last night Brinkhater took in the opening of the new Stanford stadium. More review on the Trees later in the week, but lets just say that Idaho might hang 30 on Stanford's D if they played this year--even @ Stanford.

So, Brinkhater nation, sit on your hands for one more week. We'll have a lot to scream about in a couple weeks rest assured. Unless of course, we muster 28 points or less this Saturday--a week after Navy laid a 37 spot on the wilting Douglas Firs...

Thank god we're 2-1! Click here for more Comments

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Totally off-topic, but still, must-see

THIS is why I'll be sad when the Sonics move. Remember how great GP and the Reign Man were? WOW. I found this at

It's video time again. Today, we get a heart-breaking glimpse at what might have been: The '96 Finals. (Sigh.) The video is a bit low-res, but at least you get to see The Glove dunk on Jordan. (Sigh x2.) FEED THE HAWK!

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Friday, September 15, 2006


So, onward we head to Week III which Brinkhater has doth dubbed the second of three Judgement Days for this season and for the Cougar program.

As noted earlier in the week, Baylor figures to be a mid or lower-mid Big 12 team this year. Meaning: if you lose to them, then you're looking at a long year. Win by a nail or three, and you're looking at a .500 type campaign. Win big, and you have to consider the Cougs a real darkhorse in the Conference this year.

In terms of game breakdown, you're not gonna get much better than Sedihawk's anlaysis on AOL which you can find on the link below.

As for Brinkhater's take, here it is in a nutshell:

1) NEVER, EVER give your opponent bulletin board material (bbm), especially when your opponent is playing a home game. Baylor's comments this week have been solid BBM and really that's the last thing they needed coming into this game.

2) As Sedihawk noted, Baylor's redzone production is poor. On the opposite end, our D appears to be a bend, don't break outfit. If we kept Auburn out of the endzone despite BRUTAL offensive woes AT AUBURN, then I doubt that we will play differently against Baylor in a veritable home game. As a result, I'd lean HARD toward the thought that Baylor will score a bunch...a bunch of fieldgoals, that is...

3) This game could prove to be a nightmare if Alex can't get the short passing game going early, their DBs jam up the long ball, DW reinjures his thigh, and we have to kick field goals. But, in my mind, that's a bunch of ifs.

All in all, I think that Baylor will do somethings that will bother us--and pose problems for us--early. That said, I think we separate ourselves BIG time in the second half--mostly because of our ability to run the football. Cougs win this one, and in a big way:

Cougs 49 Baylor 26 (four field goes and two touches--one very late)

In other crappy ten action:

Arizona 34 SFA 7
ASU 63 Colorado 3
CAL 59 PSU 14
Navy 28 Stanford 27
USC 34 Nebraska 13
FSU 34 Washington 24 (no, UW won't win this game...)
Oregon 31 Okey 28

And the National Game:

Auburn 31 LSU 30

Last week: Brinkhater 8-2, Sedihawk 8-2, Red Rooster 7-3. Yep, we're all tied up... Click here for more Comments

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Long, drawn-out preview at AOL

Check it out if you have time to kill.

By the way, from that story, Baylor is starting to talk a little trash. Things might get a little touchy out there.

AZ Mildcats 37, SF Austin 6 (should they even play?)
ASU 45, Colorado 13 (fire Dan Hawkins!)
CAL 63, Portland State 17 (Blowout-City)
Ducks 30, Oklahoma 20 (Oregon scores biggest Pac-10 win of weekend)
Stanford 30, Navy 28 (I REALLY want to pick Navy, but I can't?)
USC 38, Nebraska 21 (They are a LOT better than Nebraska)
UW 31, Fresno St 30 (UW is better than I thought, Fresno St has sophomore QB)
and of course, the Cougs 35, Baylor 23. We'll score more TD's, period. Click here for more Comments

Week 3 & 4

It's so hard to judge how good the Cougs are at this point based on the fact that they've been blown out by Auburn and blew-0ut Idaho. We've now played the far ends of the spectrum. Good thing Idaho doesn't have to play Auburn. I think we're going bowling though. Obviously we looked good against Idaho, but I really felt like I saw a lot of good things against Auburn. If Brink would have had a better game and Woolridge didn't go out early our offense might have kept up with Kenny Irons. Okay, probably not but it would have been a lot more respectable score. Anyway this is a good team and so far I'm sticking with my 8-4 prediction.

So myself and a few other guys here at work are heading down to Biloxi, Mississippi to help re-frame a few houses on our dime. I'll try to get a few pictures. The point being that I won't be around next week to make my predictions so I'll do them now.

Week 3
Wildcats 42 Stephen F. Who 10
Sundildos 56 Buffs 17
Cal 52 Portland State 10
Okies 42 Ducks 38
Stanford 24 Midshipmen 17
USC 32 Huskers 28
Fresno St. 24 UW 22
WSU 42 Baylor 24

Week 4
USC 54 Wildcats 22
Cal 32 Sundildos 23
Beavs 42 Idaho 28
Bruins 45 UW 21
Cougs 42 Stanford 32

See ya in Week 5 Click here for more Comments

Monday, September 11, 2006

To Bowl or Not To Bowl?

Well, after this weekend's thumping of the Spuds, and after Stanford showed itself to be the weakling of the conference, this weekend's Baylor game stands up as the barrier to WSU's bowl aspirations for this season.

As Sedihawk so boldly noted in the link below, Baylor ain't bad. In fact, Baylor will represent the exact type of lower division Pac-10 team that will beat us if we are, in fact, a lower division Pac-10 team. So, this weekend will prove to be a crucial measuring stick: win and you look to start the season 3-1 and you're on your way to a 7-5 type season (win BIG and you may be on to something bigger). Lose, and you are a lower division PAC-10 team that will STRUGGLE to achieve 6-6, and most probably, will be 5-7 or 4-8.

It is not an overstatement to say that this weekend will define the rest of the season.

Other Brinkhater thoughts:

The Good:

1) Let be written and known that Timm Rosenbach and George Yarno are the two best things that have happened to Cougar football in the last ten years. When you look at Rosey's commitment to run the football (his playcalling is what makes him invaluable), and the scheme and discipline that Yarno has brought to the program, you realize that this program really is poised to return to big time football if it can bring in the horses. I for one am simply THRILLED to have seen the vertible end to the days of 10+ penalties for 100+ yards. Thank you, both coaches.

2) Ivory, Ivory, Ivory. What a gift to recruiting to have a true freshman recruit from Texas take the ball to the house from 80 yards out so early in the year. Think that isn't going to be played 1,000 in Texas living rooms this fall? What a great message: come up North and play right away. Brilliant move by the coaches to insert him, and what a deal that he took it all the way!

3) Speed of LBs and DTs. Without question the speed of the tackles and LBs is a strength of this team defensively. If this team can learn to tackle better, then this D should keep us in the thick of it. I think there is an actual chance of this team having a PPG under thirty. If they tackle better, they'll do it.

4) WR blocking. Not sure how each guy will grade out, but the blocking from the WR corps was pretty outstanding. Dillon, in particular, was pushing back his DB about 45 yards downfield on every carry. It was like he channeled Hines Ward's body for the second half.....that's what an experienced corps will do for you--you can work on run blocking instead of having to teach them how to run their routes.


1) KICKING. Don't know what Doba is thinking at this point, but I for one, am ready to see 15 letter come in for FGs. As is, Langley's kick-offs and PATs have looked good. So, I say, keep him in that role. But, the field goal situation is out of hand. 15 Letter needs a chance. In fact, if there was one major minus to Doba's efforts to run out the clock in the 4th quarter was our need to get 15letter a few chances at home. If the kicking game doesn't improve, we will lose one or two games as a result. 15Letter needs time this weekend!

2) POSSESSION PASSING. After his 18th start, Brink has proven two things in my mind: a) He throws the prettiest fade that I can remember seeing at WSU. b) He may be the WORST possession passer that I have seen for someone who started more than 1 season.

While Brink's numbers were fantastic, many of his "possession" throws weren't great. Still too many balls that were behind receivers, short, or high. Against a team like Idaho whose DBs struggle to stay on the TV screen with our receiveers, that's no big deal. Against a fast defense, about 7 or 8 of his completions would have been incomplete or for VERY short yardage.

On the other hand, you look at Roger's throws and ALL of them would have been completions against ANYONE.

In short, I think that we will find as the season moves forward that Brink will eat up the scrubs due to his knowlege of the offense, his ability to read defenses, and because of the strength of the longball. However, if we're gonna beat the big boys--like USC and CAL--we're gonna need Rogers and his ability to move the football, play possession football, eat clock, and KEEP THE D OFF THE FIELD.

It will be interesting to see if the coaching staff bends a bit in shaking things up using both those guys, and their strengths, to help this team win games.

3) Boyd's injury. Haven't seen an update since Doba went to his secret squirrel, wait til Tuesday, press conference thing. But, the health of Boyd's hand looms big for the next couple of weeks, as Brink continues to learn, or re-learn, how to throw the ball over the middle.

Stay tuned. Click here for more Comments

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Post-blowout thoughts and other ramblings

Check it out you-know-where. If you are too lazy to click over, here it is in a nutshell. WSU looked really good, Idaho looked pretty bad. There you go.

Some other thoughts about today:

Watching Texas and Ohio State, looks like another battle down to the wire. Both teams have power and can fly, but Ted Ginn Jr, my God, what speed! That catch-and-run on the opening drive, where he ran all the way back across the field?? That's Texas he's playing against, not, uh, Idaho! And he ran by them like they were wearing cement shoes. Incredible, incredible speed. And Troy Smith, what a gun of an arm and as he showed in the Fiesta Bowl last year, he throws a tremendous deep ball. IF OSU wins tonight, might as well book their hotel rooms for Fiesta Bowl II, the BCS Title game!

Speaking of speed, Stanback at UW looked like the fastest player on the field in Norman. He has incredible quicks, a couple of times he rolled away from the Sooner pass-rush showing an extra gear I didn't think he really had. WOW. But, like last year, he made his share of mistakes and was very inconsistent throwing the ball, just 9 completions for 139 yards in the air. He also ran for just 18 yards on 12 carries/scrambles. Like Bob Griese said during that game, if UW has any hope to win, they must get a great game out of Stanback, period. They only got 13 points when he was at QB, and outside of a Kenny James TD run on their first play from scrimmage, he only led them to two field goals. Stanback also had a huge fumble on 1st-and-goal from the 5 late in the 3rd, when UW was actually hanging around in a 10-point game. Oklahoma immediately went down and scored, and the rout was officially on.

One other thing. UW better be careful with Stanback. I know he's fast, and he's tough and running is a big part of his style, but he took some serious shots today. If your QB is running it that many times, over the course of a 12-game season with no bye week? He's going to be one big bruise by the end of the year. (What is this, UW Football Blog??)

I guess we all whiffed on Notre Dame and Penn State. That was a systematic dismantling from the very beginning. Once again, it's just far too easy to pin the whole season on the first game! They sure looked unstoppable today.

Cal looks a hell of a lot better this week. Minnesota isn't too bad either, so that's a nice win for them. So much for them hanging their heads after last week. People might doubt on Longshore, but their running backs, WR's and offensive line are all really good.

And, finally, thanks for making the Pac-10 proud today Stanford. I guess UW can walk around with their chests stuck out with pride after holding on against the mighty Spartans last week. After what we've seen early this season, I'd put Stanford at the bottom of the Pac-10. Click here for more Comments
Brinkhater, maybe you've seen it already, but this one's for you! Slurp it up like a hot-fudge Sunday and revel in your hatred for a 21-year old college QB! (I'm kidding of course, I know you don't really HATE him).

PROPS TO Will Walker, aka CougWill, for the excellent YouTube montage. CougWill has done some great stuff out there, and I'm going to use some of his work this year at AOL.

Click here for more Comments

Friday, September 08, 2006

Week 2 picks

Good stuff, both of you. But I'm not so sure Penn State over Notre Dame is an upset? It's early - E-A-R-L-Y - and half the programs in America are undefeated! Still so hard to call these games, I mean I swear if you studied it long enough you could talk yourself into, or out of, anything!

Cougs 43, Idaho 20
Oklahoma 31, UW 27
ASU 45, Nevada 35
Cal 37, Minnesota 20
LSU 36, Arizona 10
Oregon 34, Fresno St 28
Stanford 27, SJ St 13
UCLA 44, Rice 17
Penn St 24, Notre Dame 23

The biggest game of the least this week.....

Ohio State 30, Texas 24

Good games to watch this weekend! Click here for more Comments

Don't Overlook Idaho

Games like this scare me. Even though I think WSU Football is past the days of looking beyond the cupcakes and then getting stung. I still much more prefer to go into a game being the underdog. It's what we're used to...right. You can't tell me that every Cougar fan who's watching a game, whether professional or some other sport, doesn't root for the underdog. But it's also not exactly the attitude of winners. To be a big time program I (we) need to stop thinking this way. I (we) need to expect nothing less from our Cougs other than a thorough beating handed down to Idaho Vandels this weekend. Although the defense is beat up I think they can do it for a couple reasons.

First of all, I'm still expecting a lot out of the offense this year. Brink is going to be pissed off and take advantage of a far slower secondary than he saw last week. The ole put the ball up for Jason Hill and let him run under it play will be there again. I disagree with the Hawk on his statement regarding Hill having a bad game last week. Hill didn't have a chance to have a bad game because the ball was usually landing about 10 yards behind him. Even Hill isn't good enough to create enough distance from a defender that Brink has a +/- 10 yard cushion to throw a "safe pass". Brink was the only guy that stood out to me as having a bad game. In fact I saw a lot of guys play better than I expected, its just hard to overcome the effects of the QB having that bad of a game. Anyway, I think we are also going to see some yards on the ground between Tardy and Hutsona. Hopefully their knowledge of the play book isn't all that strong and there will be NO chance of running the option this week.

Second, yeah the defense is beat up but I think we are going to see some back-up guys trying to prove themselves. The healthy guys are all very solid, especially the LB's who are going to take Idaho's RB Bird out of the picture and make them rely more on their passing game than they want to. I also think that injuries are spread out enough across the D that it is going to be hard for Idaho to pick on one particular back-up. I'm sure Akey has some schemes to make sure this is the case.

Real quick, regarding Cal. I don't expect they suck as bad as they sucked last weekend. But even if they only sucked half as bad as that.... they still suck. I'm guessing their secondary has been doing tackling drills all week.

I'm off to a good start on the picks, but its a long season:

WSU 45 Idaho 17
ASU 41 Nevada 24
Minn 32 Cal 28
LSU 41 Arizona 21
UO 54 FSU 17
Trees 28 SJSU 10
UCLA 42 Rice 21
Oklahoma 56 UW 17 (UW will finally score after Okla puts in the scrubs)

Ohio State 28 Texas 24

I like the Notre Dame upset Brinkhater. I think Notre Dame is over-rated as badly as Cal. They looked mediocre last week. I'm predicting a bigger upset 32-24 Penn State. Click here for more Comments

Football Friday: Week Two

Well, after a tumultuous week one, the Crimson Solidiers head to week two. As noted in this week's blog, critical questions remain as to the health of this football team and the prospects for this season. To recap:

1) Woolridge is questionable at best.
2) Our secondary is battered
3) Our defensive line is battered.
4) We still don't know about the kicking game.

That said, we also know that the most improvement in a team comes between week one and week two. And, without question, Idaho should look like a high school defense to the Cougar O for at least the first quarter after facing such a fast, wrecking machine like Auburn.

So, here's the deal:

The middle of the field is going to be WIDE OPEN for Brink and company right off the bat. If Brink FINALLY can hit Boyd and Jordan over the middle, then this game is going to be a shoot-out blow-out. If he can't, then this game is gonna be ugly and perhaps, disasterous.

Since its too early in the season to throw in the towel, I am betting on the former. Cougs roll and in a MAJOR way:

Cougs 56 Idaho 21

In other Crap-10 action (oh yeah, Congratulations OSU Chipmunks on "representin'" so well on the blue turf. Can you say cellar dwellar?)

Okey 63 UW 10
Stanford 31 SJSU 13
LSU 41 Arizona 28
Oregon 45 FSU 21 (Oregon is good!)
Cal 24 Minneyhanna 21 (CAL IS NOT GOOD)
ASU 38 Nevada 14
UCLA 55 Rice 17 (UCLA might be good)

The National Game:

Ohio State 17 Texas 14

National Upset Special:

Penn State 24 Notre Dame 21

Last week: Red Rooster 7-0 Brinkhater 6-1 (although I missed the WSU-AU score by 2 points total)

Enjoy the Weekend Click here for more Comments

AOL preview up, plus news-n-notes

Check it out. It's the second story on the site, after today's news and notes.

Also, good news on the NCAA Fanhouse. If everything holds true, we will be live on Monday! Good stuff. It's basically live, what you see now. Also, one more thing. If you look on the bottom-left of the AOL site, you'll see some links. The top link? Yep, WSU FOOTBALL BLOG. So, I would expect the traffic around here is going to pick up. I hope you guys are ready to produce some good content this year, because there will be a lot more eyes coming this way. Click here for more Comments

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sort-Of Live at AOL

Looks like we're getting closer to the real launch, as WSU's fanhouse at AOL is "sort of" live. There looks to be a long way to go until it's all done, but it's getting closer. The NFL stuff got some good pub yesterday, as they had the lead story on with each team getting a full preview for 2006. Good stuff. Click here for more Comments

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Saturday marks the first of three consecutive judgement days for Alex Brink and the Cougar program. Each week for the next three weeks, the fate of Cougar football for this season, and perhaps in years to come, will be on the line.

Arguably, this game is the biggest. And, judging by the injury report, one would be hardpressed to say that this is anything BUT the biggest game of Little Alex's career.

Want further proof: the defensive line is banged up. The LB corps is fine. The safeties are banged up, and the CB situation is just in shambles. In as many words, we're gonna give up points to the Spuds. And, if we don't move the ball ourselves, we're gonna give up A LOT of points.

(by the way, if any of you out there somehow disagree, check the Idaho game last year where we gave up four scores while we had Derting and were healthy on O).

Then you look on offense where the running game will be nowhere to be found. So, the game will come down to Alex--and you can bet the world that Erickson and Company employ the same scheme that Auburn used + a few wrinkles. In other words, they will make us live and die on the intermediate route...

So, the world is really Alex's oyster. All the playcalling and excution will be on him, against an inferior opponent where the WRs and TE should be WIDE open, coming off a BAD week, with still ALL TO LOSE and little to gain.

This will be a gut check for him, BIG TIME.

If he's up to it, he moves on to the next Judgement Day against Baylor (where a loss would make us an UNACCEPTABLE 1-2).

If he's not, we've hit the lowest point of Cougar football in a long, long, time.

Predictions come Friday. Click here for more Comments

Injuries continue; Brink defends....Brink.

I updated AOL with today's round of injuries, and boy are they beat up. Donnie Turner and Markus Dawes are both doubtful, so that means Brian Williams will probably start with Ryan Kensok as the backup. Can anyone ever remember this many injuries so early in the season, with 11 games yet to be played?? It's amazingly bad. And NO bye week. What the heck are these guys going to look like after September is over and they will still have half a season to go? Brink also defended himself over Saturday, and even said this was his first really bad game at WSU....I guess he forgot about USC last year....and USC in 2004 if you want to go back that far. Oh well.

Also, Doba said a lot on the radio show last night, but nothing earth-shattering that you can't already find in print. However there were some items that caught my attention:
1) Did you know that the Cougs traveled 26 kids for the FIRST TIME for that game? That's almost half their roster on the travel squad that had never even suited up for a road game. That shows you right there that while they have some good "name" upperclassmen, guys who have played alot already, this team is still full of youth. He said that some of them looked in shock when they took the field and all those fans were screaming at them. He also said "the fans kept giving us the #1 sign with their finger, but they were holding up the WRONG finger!" That drew a laugh or two.

2) He said that there were some major breakdowns, particularly in pass protection. The blitzes were coming from every possible direction, and they had trouble adjusting until the 2nd half. Also, on the 2 sacks on the first 3 plays? They were completely mistakes by one particular lineman who actually ran the WRONG way on the pass protection!

3) He said that they had big breakdowns in defending the pass. Two plays mentioned were a deep slant over the middle where Greg Trent was 1-on-1 with their slot WR and was beat by at least 5 steps. That was a mistake by the defensive coaches and they never want to see Trent in that situation again. The other was a sideline fade where the corner bit on the slot running a slant and tried to help, leaving his side of the field WIDE open. Luckily Cox overthrew the WR who still made a fine diving catch, or else that kid would still be running. There was nobody within 20 yards of him. Finally, the worst of all was the failure against screen plays. The first 3 times they ran screens, they were eaten alive, one of which went for a TD. He said they really missed Ahmu of all people against the screen, as he's a guy who is really good at recognizing the screen and reacting accordingly. They did finally adjust to the screens though, and the last couple they snuffed out pretty well.

4) The fake punt call was fabulous, it was absolutely perfect given the situation. But it wasn't actually a "call" by Tuberville. Auburn has it in their punt package for every game, and if the defensive alignment is just right, the up-back has the option of calling for the fake. He said Tuberville cringed a bit when he saw it, because he knew they would fake it based on what the Cougs were doing, but he chose to let it happen because it appeared to be wide open. He also said that the one guy who was in position to make that play was literally TACKLED and Doba was upset at no penalty, because he could have stuffed the play (no mention of the player name).

5) Finally, he really likes Auburn, particularly their running game of course, but their defense. He said to a man, both players and coaches were surprised at their defensive team speed. They are the fastest D this group has ever seen, and he even compared their linebacker closing speed to the '94 WSU Palouse Posse if you can believe it. But he wasn't so hot on Cox, saying that they are going to need more from him this year, and he missed on some things that he probably won't miss later this year. They do have a bunch of new WR's playing meaningful minutes for the first time, and so that's part of the reason they threw so many screens. But, he also said hey, it's early. You never get too high or too low after week 1. And you never, ever that good, and you are never, ever THAT BAD either! And you know what? He's right.

In closing, I was somewhat surprised at Doba's mood on the show. While he mentioned that Tuesday's practice wasn't good, even saying that they would have had trouble beating Pullman high last night, he wasn't real surprised given they came off a couple of days off, school is in full swing now, they had a tough loss, a lot of kids are beat up, etc. But much like last year, no matter the situation, Doba keeps things light. It does make you feel better about things when you hear him talk about the team, in that you know he cares, but you also know this isn't life-and-death either. Anyway, It is just a game last I checked! :) Click here for more Comments

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Everyone CALM down!

Even Jim Walden is weighing in today, and more or less blasts Doba and company. I have to say I'm surprised to see this, as this has to be the first real calling-out of Doba since he took the job.

Ok, look at the whole thing a few days later now that we've had some time to digest it all, if only for a moment.

Here's what I think about the Brink-Rogers-2006-StateOfTheProgram-ETC:

1) Brink has the stats that I've pounded at away, time and again, but the biggest issue here is he has never passed the "eye" test. That much is clear now. Nobody has any illusions that this guy will ever be John Elway, and given his physical issue of an average-to-below-average Pac-10 arm, there will always be a weakness in specific passes that will never change as long as he's the QB. He is who he is, and while Brinkhater has pointed out, against a lot of Pac-10 teams, it's sufficient (Cal, 432 yards and 5 TD's, OSU school record 531 yards and 4th most ever in Pac-10 play). Seriously. It is good enough against most teams except the true elite defenses with speed, like USC last year, Auburn this year. There is NO argument there.

2) Gary Rogers? Everyone calm down for a second. He's huge and has a gun for an arm, but coming into Saturday night, he had thrown 5 career passes. Who the hell knows what he'd do in extended playing time? Let's get real on Rogers for a second. This guy was NOT, I repeat, NOT, the next Drew Bledsoe or Ryan Leaf coming out of high school. It's not like he's a recruit that people have predicted will be a star the moment he showed up on campus. Now I love what I saw from him on that TD drive, I mean who wouldn't, but let's keep it in perspective!

3) The state of the program. It's getting nuts out there, I mean the message boards are getting out of hand with people already saying we're going 3-9 as long as Brink is the starter, blah blah BLAH. Far, far, far too much has been tied up into this game, period, but look at some of the predictions. I picked Auburn 31-20, Rooster I missed your score but I know you picked Auburn by a few scores, and Brinkhater came the closest of all of us, 42-13 I think?? So why should we freak out because THIS GAME WAS EXACTLY WHAT WE THOUGHT IT WOULD BE!?!?!

All that said, I'm agreeing with Glenn at the Spokesman and many others right now, and that is Brink is this team's QB. Even though a lot of people believe they know more about these QB's than even their own position coach, offensive coordinator and head coach, Brink is the choice of the staff and that is it. Maybe Brink will fall apart and they'll lose one of their next two games, and the staff will change their minds and decide to go with Rogers.....but I still doubt it will happen. Pulling the plug on Brink will basically throw away any sacrifices they made as a team by starting Brink over the last few years and enduring the virtually GUARANTEED growing pains the everyday QB experiences in this offense. I don't care how great Rogers looked on ONE series. Growing pains are inevitable. They know the odds are good that if they go with Rogers right now, they are tossing away a bowl season, which is crucial beyond words for this program, THIS year.

Think about that for a second. Why is this year so crucial? Well, we've had consecutive losing seasons as we know too well the last two years. Phase 3 of the stadium renovation is a huge undertaking, and some people close to it already claim they are nowhere NEAR their goals, and have such a mountain to climb that it may never happen. They need goodwill in the football program immediately, and getting to postseason play makes those Call-A-Coug conversations much more enjoyable for all parties involved!

Now think about the senior players on the media guide right now. Scott Davis, Jason Hill, Mkristo Bruce, Steve Dildine, Eric Frampton, Cody Boyd, Chris Jordan, Charles Harris. All seniors, all huge factors, ALL gone next year. Like it or not, we're right back to 4-win territory next year regardless of what happens this year. I don't like it either, but it's reality based on what we're going to lose from this team, and sadly, reality for who WSU really is. We're a bowl contender every 3 seasons, nothing more. 2001-2003 looks a hell of a lot more like a fluke than anything else, and the rest of the school history is much more accurate (sort of like when a young MLB hitter comes up to the bigs and crushes the ball for a month, and all the fans freak out saying they are an MVP candidate? Yet all the moneyball roto-geeks simply claim "small sample size" and sure enough, they drop back off to regular levels? That's what the Cougs are right now, that hitter that has returned back to earth). So this is it fellas. Get to a bowl game now, or else we're going to start rebuilding with an eye towards 2009. Click here for more Comments

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Picking up the pieces

Here's my take on last night and where we go from here. Long story short? More questions than answers at this point.

For the first time, I'm drifting to the Brinkhater camp on this one. Over and over, I couldn't get past the disappointing feeling of what we saw out of Brink. Not just the lack of arm strength, but just the lack of improvement from last year, and worst of all, his failure to handle the blitz - again - led to a disaster.

That said, unless the unthinkable happens, Brinkhater is right. Nothing is going to change by choice. So we better get used to this, and hope they are ready for Idaho. I think they suddenly have a fight on their hands.

I guess it could be worse. We could be Cal this morning. :)

Meanwhile, this kid wails on his guitar. Impressive:

Click here for more Comments

Saturday, September 02, 2006


An Open Letter to Timm Rosensnatch:

How much longer are you going to try to relive your college days through Alex Brink? Was the win over Troy Aikman and a #1 UCLA team ON THE ROAD AND NATIONAL TV not enough? Was the win over the Huskies in front of 40,000 screaming Martin faithful not enough? Was the first bowl win in 1,000 years over Andre Ware and Houston in Hawaii not enough? Was the #1 pick in the supplemental draft not enough? Was playing in the NFL not enough?

What exactly is keeping you with this kid? Clearly after nearly two seasons, he can't run like you. He can't throw like you. He DOESN'T have the moxy you did. HE IS NOTHING LIKE YOU!!!

It seems to me that you led a WSU team in the first game of your senior year to a PASTING of Tennessee in your opener (and yes, that was AT Tennessee). Clearly, you showed RIGHT OFF THE BAT that you turned the corner for your junior year (oh yeah, you PASTED Minnesota on the road the next week as well)...

But, lets examine tonight (and lets be clear, this is a game that we should have been in): Brink leads the O for a whopping 139 yards and 7 points over nearly 4 quarters. Rogers leads us 100 yards in about 6 minutes of action. Rogers throws the ball over the middle and shows in AWESOME fashion that he can throw to the far side of the field. He hits Boyd in a way that all Cougar diehards have dreamed and PRAYED that Brink would. Brink, meanwhile, responds by having to JUMP to throw the ball over the middle on the subsequent possession. Meanwhile, out patterns to the long side of the field to Boyd and Jordan wind up both short, and in once case, run back the other way.

How many times did we see that last year?

Did that same inability cost us huge leads against OSU and UCLA? Did it rear its head in a BRUTAL loss to Stanford where they took away the deep ball and force us to throw over the middle? Did it show against USC when we had nearly 150 yards rushing in 1 quarter, but somehow couldn't throw the ball?

How much longer are we going to suffer from the same results as a result of your ego?

Maybe you should go back to the office on Monday and check out the 97 Rose Bowl and the season that led up to it? Or, hell, maybe watch the dink and dunk exhibited in the BRILLIANT 03 Holiday Bowl win that YOU directed.

Its time to make a change, Rosey. You were BRILLIANT as a player and have shown yourself to be the play caller that we dreamed of during the Price years. Unfortunately, Brink ain't you, Rosey. Never has been, never will be.

Its time to make a change. Your fans from yesteryear are COUNTING on you to explore alternatives before we lose EVERYTHING that this program gained during THREE STRAIGHT TOP 10 finishes! And no, the "we have no alternative" excuse is long gone after tonight. Your team, your almae mater, should have been in that game. What a shame that such an effort appears as a blow out because of your stubborness.

Hope that you grow up before the clock strikes midnight on the season and our program.


BRINKHATER!!!!!!!! Click here for more Comments

Friday, September 01, 2006

Call Your Bookie & Bet On The Cougs

15 points people. At the very least, I have to believe that the Coug offense will keep them within 15. If I didn't have such a almost Nazi-like CFO (wife) at home I would be putting money on this one. As I said before I don't believe the Cougs are going to win this one but they are going to cover the spread and open some people's eyes. Cougs are, as an average, classic for playing to their opponents level whether bad or good. The only exception may be USC the last couple years.

I'm tired of subjecting myself to falling for the East Coast Hype. I hope the players feel the same, it sounds like they do. They really have the tools, experience and potential to be an offensive juggernaut. If the defense stays healthy there's no way the Cougs can't easily go 8-4. Think about what the Cougs have and not what everyone else has for a while. That always makes me feel better... at least this time of the year.

Thank you Brinkhater on backing me up that Cal is over-rated this year. Here's my picks... are we keeping score on the predictions again this year?

Auburn 45 WSU 38
Tennessee 28 Cal 17
UCLA 36 Utah 21
UW 32 SJS 24
Oregon 49 Stanford 28
USC 45 Arkansas 21 (More proof that East Coast Hype is BS)

And the one Brinkhater forgot

Arizona 21 BYU 10

Here's to one or all of us looking like a jackass Saturday evening. Click here for more Comments

Pac-10 and Auburn previews now live

For some final emotion, turn up your speakers and click here.

"And David put his hand in the bag and took out a stone and slung it. And it struck the Philistine on the head. And he fell to the ground. Amen."

Sniff sniff! See, if little Hickory can win State, the Cougs can win at Auburn! :)

Actually, a really funny side story as a Did-You-Know segment. Did you know that Bill Doba actually knows the real "Norman Dale", who is actually named Marvin Wood in real life? Doba said in an interview a few years ago that he knew Wood for many years, and said the whole town of Milan celebrated when Wood coached Milan to the 1954 state title by giving the coach a washer and dryer as a thank-you gift. Wood would coach until 1999, before dying from cancer. How about that!

One more great quote from Hoosiers:

"Forget about the crowds, the size of the school, their fancy uniforms, and remember what got you here. Focus on the fundamentals that we've gone over time and time again.

And most important, don't get caught up thinking about winning or losing this game. If you put your effort and concentration into playing to your potential, to be the best that you can be, I don't care what the scoreboard says at the end of the game, in my book we're gonna be winners!"

Oh yeah, I put up a Pac-10 preview and finally an Auburn preview today. Check it out on AOL.

I have to say, Brinkhater, GREAT job so far. I know personally how amazingly busy you are these days and it's going to get worse, so I am happy to see how much you are putting back into the WSU football blog! Keep driving the bus my man. I'll do my best to keep contributing as well.

How about ASU struggA-LING with Northern AZ last night!??! 14-14 into the 4th quarter?? Wow. I know like Doba said last year, when you play a team on a low level like that, you expect to complete every pass, score a TD on every possession and hold them to 3-and-out every time, but as we know all too well, the lower-level teams these days aren't exactly pushovers anymore. Talent is spread all over today more so than any other time, maybe in the history of NCAA football, and that won't be the only game this weekend where you scratch your head at an unexpected final score or two.

I'm on the bus with you on losing tomorrow night. Not by the margin you claim, but I do see this as the epitome of the "logical loss". But I firmly believe they will be a better football team from top to bottom after than game than before it, and it will be something that they will consider a plus as they embark on the rest of the season. For I believe they will battle until the end, and as the season wears on, they will look back to that and know that if they can stand nose-to-nose with Auburn on the road, they can play with ANYONE in America. Click here for more Comments